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STP's BLOG 09/26/13 "Pimpin' Baboon"

This is the video of the day…Earlier this month, a reporter named Sabrina Rodriguez was reporting live from a wine and music festival in Northern California . . . and for some reason she was standing with a baboon named Mickey.  Then a few seconds into the report, Mickey decided to fully cup Sabrina's right BREAST . . . and hung on for a solid 15 seconds with a huge baboon SMILE on his face.

No…that baboon is not a fan of grapes…he’s a fan of melons!  Waka Waka!
For some reason the guys think I look like that baboon when he smiles…I don’t see it, but OK.
 photo baboon_zps1268fe3b.jpg
Crazy things seem to happen to reports when it involves grapes…lets never forget this classic moment:

I got this message from a fellow Rock-A-Holic named Steve…please check it out and support the cause!

Please, Please, Pleazzzzze Promote that we are sponsoring a Block party this Saturday to raise the funds for a remodel of the Tom Schuster Memorial Park..  All vendors welcome, admission is Donations Only. This Saturday starting at 10 Am, McKinley Ave East and E. Harrison Street, Tacoma

This morning we got talking about that time we recorded “God Bless America” with Jonathan Jayne.  Jonathan was the cast off on American Idol that’s from here that the judges were super douches too back in the day, and we got to know and love the kid…and his big dream was to sing/record “God Bless America”,  so Thrill and I gathered some of our friends and we went in a studio (Orbit Studios) to record it:

According to a new survey from Canada, 47% of people say they're currently, quote, "LIVING THE DREAM" at their job.  That's almost half of people who are working at their dream job. 65% of people say they look forward to going into the office each day.

Almost half of people say they're currently "living the dream" at work…is this you?  If not, what would it take for you to be “living the dream” at work? Here are some of the texts we got:

I'm living the dream because I get to drive around all day and listen to you on KISW. Thanks a lot guys you rock

I'm living the dream! You know, because nightmares are dreams too.

I love my job I work as a vet tech 3 to 4 long days a week. Dream job would need to be closer home with a better boss.

I'm living the dream currently at the age of 23. I am a chef and own a very successful restaurant business.

My dream job is to be professional fighter, my debut is in November. Next step is to make enough to not have to work at the same time

Nope. I like to stay busy but this is not my dream job. My dream job would be to own a gaming store. Tabletop and video that had a bar and a stripper pole Cajun

If waking up and cold calling is a dream job then yes I'm in heaven. As great as it is to get hung up on, I would turn around and go back home today if I could

I work at Nintendo in the video game testing department and for me Monday is the best day of the week. I love my job.

I love my job! I'm a baker and go to culinary school for baking. I get to spend all my time in a kitchen, covered in flour. Its awesome!

I get to fix other peoples $100,000 cars for a living.. It's pretty sweet

Dream job - general manager for the seahawks

I a police officer and it's the best job in the world.

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09/26/2013 6:40AM
STP's BLOG 09/26/13 "Pimpin' Baboon"
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09/26/2013 12:07PM
Living the Dream :-)
I draw schematics, diagrams & details for the Industrial Control System Industry, with 10's of thousands of installations out there, I have personally helped crash the economy by helping machines eliminate the burden of labor from mankind whilemaking it possible to ship 1 million pot-pies to disaster areas almost overnight XD - Love my Job
09/27/2013 6:38AM
Dream job - Senator
Really, that is a cool job to have: work 6 years doing pretty much nothing. Being pamper by lobbyists, traveling with all expenses paid by suckers and receiving a fat compensation package at the end of the term. Plus, if I were a senator, I would make prostitution legal in Washington.
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