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STP's BLOG 09/27/12 "Awkward!"

This morning we dug a little bit more into the podcast “war” that has happened between our podcast, the STP-CAST and Luke Burbank’s TBTL regarding the Best Of Western Washington poll on KING 5 for best podcast. You can vote for us here:

Yesterday in my blog, we posted something that Luke wrote on Facebook where he urged his listeners to vote for him because he doesn’t want our podcast to win, as we are “titanic douches.” We learned a little more about why he said this…it all stems from something that was once said by someone on our show that is no longer on our show. After hearing the audio of his podcast, I get it…I get why he would think we are all Titanic Douches, as something was said about him that was awful. Granted it wasn’t said by any of us, but it was under our umbrella…our watch…and all we could say on air was that we were sorry. That being said…I am a fan of wrestling and have always leaned towards the heels…so I say let’s do this. In the battle between the heel and the baby face, you need to vote heel.


My favorite part about all of this is that listeners of our podcast have been now referring to themselves as “douches”. We wound up getting texts about this controversy…

Luke has his Tens of listeners, Steve has his Douches of listeners. Go STP cast!

Count another vote for STP!!!!!!! But if you are going to be a least you are Titanic!!!!!!!!

Much respect for manning up BJ and STP. Way to be the bigger douche! asked 1,000 people if they’re rather go without sex or their iPhones for a weekend, 15 percent said they’d skip sex. 61% would also choose a good night’s sleep over sex. 20% of women would rather give up sex for a week than Facebook. 75% would give up sex for their favorite food.

What about you? What would you give up sex for? Here are some texts we received:

I'd give up sex for a 3 some with two girls of my choice

I would give up sex to live in the play boy house and then die of blue b****

I give up sex if I could get my contractor to finish my house.

I'd give up sex for 5 years to get Ron Paul on the ballot in all 50 states!

I'd give up sex for a mondo burrito at taco del mar.

i would give up sex for a month to get my husband a job. He is driving me nuts

I would give up sex for a weekend to party with you guys and the men's room.

I might give up sex for getting some more tattoos but sex with my boyfriend is so amazing im not sure i would give it up for anything. From jessica in Everett

I would give up sex for a chance to swim with a great white shark in South Africa and that says a lot cause my wife is smoking hot

I'd rather have a good cup of coffee in the morning, then have sex. Jessica~in Renton

I already gave up sex...I'm married

I'd give up sex for a classic camero

A new survey figured out the appropriate amount of time you should wait to handle awkward situations. Here are the results. "Shhh" someone in a movie theater. The average person says you should wait just under two minutes before you start making "shhh" sounds. Ask someone on a cell phone to keep it down. The average wait is just under two-and-a-half minutes. Give a parent a dirty look for not dealing with a loud baby. The average time is just after two minutes and 40 seconds. Realize you've been stood up on a blind date. Give the person 26 minutes before you bail. Honk at a car in front of you at a green light. The survey found the average person claims to wait 50 SECONDS before honking.

This led to a fun topic...What was the most awkward situation you have ever been in? Here are some of the texts we got:

I am a very heavily tattooed person, I even have several tattoos on my face, neck and hands. One time I was in line at the grocery store and an elderly woman
asked me if I had been to prison.. I said no. She then asked me if I was BORN looking this way!! Awkward. -brandon from Tacoma

My ex-wife trying to sleep with my girlfriend.

1979 working for playboy club in NJ, stuck in elevator with Barbi Benton for 45 minutes, Kurt

I worked for a medical company and was delivering oxygen setup to a patient in their home. The patient died in the middle of my setup. The family went cr azy crying and was VERY awkward

I walked in on my sister having sex. It sucked.

When I was 16 I walked in on my brother and his partner in the kitchen they bring it up alot just to mess with me

Huge thanks to Tom Green for coming in this morning! Tom is going to be at the Tacoma Comedy Club tonight and all weekend! It was cool to meet a dude I watched on MTV all the time…plus Road Trip is still one of my favorite films!

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09/27/2012 9:31AM
STP's BLOG 09/27/12 "Awkward!"
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