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STP's BLOG 10/01/12 "Pain In The Grass ROCKED!"

Man what an awesome time Pain In The Grass was this past Saturday. In all of the Pain In The Grass shows we have had, I would have to say this was hands down my favorite. How could it not be when part of my day consists of hanging with our lovely Rock Girls:

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Plus…I got to hang with awesome Rock-A-Holics like Red, who was sporting the coolest shirt at White River:

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Dont forget to vote Douche 2012!  We are still in 2nd place in the Best Of Washington poll on KING 5:

Now lets talk about the music…all of the bands were awesome…Sandrider has turned me into a fan, Royal Bliss were bad ass, and Witchburn…well…I have said it once and will say it again…Witchburn are so beyond bad ass! If you like your music heavy as ****, Witchburn is what the doctor ordered.

One of the bands I was extremely excited to see live was Walking Papaers. This is the band that has Mike McCready from Pearl Jam, Duff McKagan, Barrett Martin from the Screaming Trees, and Jeff Angell from Post Stardom Depression. I am in love with their debut CD, which is in stores tomorrow…if you are a fan of a dirty blues rock style of music, this CD is perfect for you. They were awesome…hell, the fact that we got to see Barrett, Duff, and Mike on stage together is quite a cool moment in Seattle rock history…

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Before Walking Papers played we got to interview Jeff & Barrett…it was cool to meet 2 guys that I have been a fan of for a while now.

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Chevelle once again blew us all away, those guys sounded so damn good! Plus they had a giant statue of a bull (for their CD “Hats Of To The Bull” I would guess), extra points for that! Three Days Grace is a band I always seem to miss at our festivals….and I finally saw them, and they sounded great! I love that new song “Chalk Outline” & it sounded killer live. Plus they covered Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”…

The night was capped by The Offspring. These guys have been doing it for over 20 years, and yet they played with the energy of a group of 20 year old musicians. They were so damn good…plus the guy that says “Keep Em” Seperated” in that song of the same title lives in Washington, so he was on stage doing his part. It was great! I got to interview the guys too…here I am hanging backstage with Dexter Holland, and Noodles:

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According to the laws of physics, time travel IS possible . . . according to the laws of physics. At least time travel FORWARD could happen. They still aren't sure how you'd time travel backwards. Edward Farhi is the director of the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT. He says, quote, "There's no question that you can skip into the future. It's actually consistent with the laws of physics." To travel forward, you need to be in a vehicle traveling several hundred thousand miles per hour. Then you'd be moving faster than everyone else on Earth, experiencing the passage of time in a different way. It's complicated: Think Einstein's theory of relativity. Farhi says to travel backwards, you'd need energy that's as powerful as half the mass in the entire UNIVERSE. And you'd actually destroy the universe in the process. Of course this is all VERY theoretical and it doesn't seem like anyone's really trying to do work on building a super-fast vehicle for time travel. But it COULD happen.

If backwards time travel WAS possible, how would use it? Where would you travel back in time to, and why? Here are some of the texts we received:

I'd want to meet the teenage version of my parents.

I would go back in time to have sex with marilyn Monroe

I would go back and change a few really bad choice I made spend some time with my dad before he was murdered and well place a winning bet or lotto ticket

I would travelh back in time to the opening of a all of the original star wars. i was not born when the movies came out and i would want the experiance of the grand opening.

Is go back to June 97 and tell myself to avoid the strawberry festive in marysville where I met my now x wife. Jason on the 405

I would back and sit on the grassy knoll to see who shot kennedy

Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a fun story about having dinner with Wilt Chamberlain & Andre The Giant…where he ended up being lifted on top of his car. Based on this…if you could get dinner with anyone, who would it be and where would you take them? Here are the texts we received:

I would take Eddie Vedder to Ritos in south Phoenix. The greatest artist of my time deserves to taste the greatest Mexican food of my time

If I could, I would have dinner with anybody. I'm just like the Rev, nobody likes me.

I'd take Steve to chucky cheese, so we can have fun in the ball pit together. Lmao.

Rabih – I would take STP to 5 guys…he needs a good burger

I would take Stephen Hawking to Red Lobster and show him my ****. ~ <3 Sasha <3

I would take bj and his crew to stanley and seafords in tacoma.....wes rom Tacoma
I would take Golden Tate to Top Pot Doughnuts and show him my maple bar

Vicki B! And I would take her to pleasure town!

vickie b and naked sushi

Jennifer aniston because she's effin gorgeous. Have you seen horrible bosses?!

Beth Chapman! Would let her take me to hooters, then i would take her somewhere for chicken wings, like hooters....Jason.

I'd pick Jeff Ross and the place would be any mall food court so he could roast everyone that passed by. - Rich in Tacoma.

I'd take Hellen Keller out for seafood, irony win! P-nut

Today's Video Blog features my chat with Dexter and Noodles from The Offspring, backstage before their set at Pain In The Grass.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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10/01/2012 8:05AM
STP's BLOG 10/01/12 "Pain In The Grass ROCKED!"
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