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STP's BLOG 10/02/12 "Great Day!"

Yesterday was an awesome awesome day! No…I am not a Bears fan that found great pleasure in watching Tony Romo toss 5 picks….yesterday I got to be a part of an awesome ceremony for my brother. For the last 2 years I have been fortunate enough to have my brother in town as he is stationed at the Naval Base in Bangor. Yesterday he was promoted in rank to Lieutenant JG, and I got to pin him. The whole ceremony was amazing, the tradition and respect in the military is very cool to watch first hand and I was beyond humbled to be there and so proud of my brother. Plus we got to have the ceremony on a destroyer – the Turner Joy…

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I saw this place nearby and immediately thought of BJ…

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Arnold Schwarzenegger said that he almost ruined his most famous line in "The Terminator" because he had a hard time saying it. He wanted to change “I’ll Be Back” to “I Will Be Back” – this got us talking about iconic movie lines. My favorite is a simple one, but I always use it when I see people acting like drunk fools…it’s from Beerfest: “”Yahh…I remember my first beer.” We took calls and texts about your favorite movie lines…here are some of the texts we got:

Breakfast Club quote: "next time I have to come in here I'm busting skulls"


Shut the f-up donny! The big lowbowski. My name is donny

We cant stop here, its bat country... your lawyer i advise you to take a hit out of the brown bottle in my shaving kit..fear&loathing

I have had it with these mother f***ing snakes on this mother f***ing plane!!!!!!

Yippee ki yay mothereffer! Julie from Montesano

You win some, you loose some, but you live to fight another day! –Friday

reservoir Dogs - are you going to bark all day little doggie or are you gonna bite

Super troopers the schnozz berries taste like schnozz berries!

Get back to the chopaaa!

Dazed and Confused all the way. That's what I love about these high school girls. I get older. They stay the same age.

Sweep the leg! Ed the mailman

"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass...and I'm all out of bubblegum." -- They Live

The Goonies, Sloth, "Hey you guys!"

There’s a study about whether or not you would report illegal aliens to border patrol…41% of people asked said they would, 30% said they would look the other way, and 18% would actually try and help the family get across the border. This led to a fun topic…When have you ratted someone out? What was it about? Or did you ever look the other way when you should have ratted someone out? Here are the texts we got:

My sister had a porn site she did out of her room...I snuck my dad the website address...all hell broke loose at my

Last year I ratted out my bro's GF to him. She liked to hack into his email. >:-( BLD!

I ratted my mom out to the irs for claiming people on her taxes she wasnt allowed to claim

I once turned my head and looked the other way when a classmate stole the answer key to a final test. I should have ratted him out because When he got caught he blamed me and i received a more harsh punishment..... Thanks Steven

When I saw a friend in the company of another woman who wasnt his wife shopping @ V Secret @ da mall . She was modeling 4 him

My brother called the cops on me for a stupid little fight. I went to jail for what he started.

Co worker used my name as a reference when we purchased a used car. He missed a few payments and the repo guys called me and offered me $200 if I could help them find him. I ratted him out. Felt so bad I didn't collect the cash. I won't be doing that again!!

Today's video blog is part 2 of our chat with Bill Bellamy.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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10/02/2012 7:47AM
STP's BLOG 10/02/12 "Great Day!"
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