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STP's BLOG 10/02/13 "Pet Peeves"

Here are the ten most common pet peeves, according to a new survey . . .

1.  Telemarketers.
2.  Spam emails.
3.  Slow people in front of you in line.
4.  Rude salespeople.
5.  Tailgaters.
6.  Stepping in gum or dog poop.
7.  Getting stuck behind slow drivers.
8.  People who talk loudly on their cell phones.
9.  People who eat with their mouth open.
10.  Loud chewing.
Based on a list of the 10 biggest pet peeves…what’s yours? Here are some of the texts we got:
My pet peeve is people who stand too close to me in a line, like at an atm or store.
People that interrupt. I hate it. Broke up with 3 girls and left two jobs because they f***ing interrupted all the damn time
When people don't go immediately when a traffic light turns green. Levi
Repeating myself. Especially when someone asked a damn question!
My pet peeve is traffic unfortunately I have to drive from Tacoma to Kent 5 days a week so it's unavoidable bret the forklift guy
People that get on the elevator before I get off.
Left lane campers
I hate it when people leave time on the microwaves at work. Clear that sucker when you're done!
When cashiers tell me how to use debit green button first now ur pin....or some even reach over and push the button. Bugs I CAN read u know!
People using blinkers in turn lanes.... drives me nuts.... not sure why....
People who don't pick up after the dog when they take a dump
Just let a guy in, he didn't wave, I Fing hate that
Slurping your cereal. MOTHER OF GOD! Ryan
I hate it when I'm having sex and my wife keeps calling me

If you ever wondered what the Rev’s work space looks like…I know you have…let me give you a 6 second tour:

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10/02/2013 7:39AM
STP's BLOG 10/02/13 "Pet Peeves"
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10/02/2013 12:16PM
I know you're supposed to be off work right now but can you do this real quick ok now do this okay now this I hate that
10/02/2013 8:33PM
Toilet Paper Pet Peeve`
My biggest irritation is when someone replaces the toilet paper roll but its on there so that the paper falls down the back. Even in other people's homes I will turn that sucker around so the paper falls over the top!!! Christal
10/03/2013 9:00AM
Pet Peeve
I love Pets, what type of pet is a Peeve ?
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