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STP's BLOG 10/03/12 "HBD TO ME!"

Huge huge huge thanks to everyone for the kind birthday wishes! 38 years young today…and I’m going to do the things I love today. Play hockey…then hang with my wife and pup, have an awesome salmon dinner, and top it off watching WWE RAW and eating ice cream. Hell. Yes.

Some have asked what I want for my birthday…Ideally, I would like these:

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They are sweet goalie pads from a company called Passau. For my hockey buds…you have to check out their gear, they are a smaller based company that does amazing work (! I love their gear, and hope to get some custom pads like those in the future, but I don’t have 2000 bucks handy for the gloves and pads (which is actually a very reasonable price for such high quality gear). I guess I could’ve started a Kickstarter like the kids do these days when they want something and don’t want to pay for it on their own haha…but instead, this is what I want for my birthday, and it will cost you nothing:

Yes…click on that link, and vote for the STP-CAST for the best podcast in Western Washington. We are in second, so every vote counts (only 9 days left to vote)… #VoteDouche2012

In a new survey of 2,000 married adults, ONE IN THREE say they find sex to be a, quote, "chore." And it found the average couple has sex five times a month. Here are the top 20 reasons people gave for avoiding sex:

1. Too tired.
2. Stressed from work.
3. I don't feel attractive.
4. It's too hot.
5. I want to read my book.
6. I'm not confident in my body.
7. Too much on my mind.
8. Headache.
9. Neck or back pain.
10. Sex is too similar every time.
11. I don't really enjoy it anymore.
12. Too full from dinner.
13. It's too cold.
14. Don't have enough time.
15. Sometimes I get bored.
16. I want to watch sports.
17. I want to watch a movie.
18. Too much stuff to do around the house.
19. I'm not attracted to my husband or wife anymore.
20. I don't think my partner DESERVES it.

Based on a list of the top 20 reasons couples avoid sex…What’s the strangest reason you were denied sex? Or…what’s the strangest reason why YOU denied sex? Here are the texts we received:

I was forever turned down for television. Left that hooker and now I'm getting it more than ever.

See old naked people all day as a nurse is a pretty good mood killer.

I got denied sex because she had a boyfriend . Bulls*** I tell ya

I've denied sex while staying at my mothers house

Too high on LSD

I denied sex because he did not brush is teeth. Ew.

I dated a chick for a week and couldnt get over the dragon breath and hairy bellybutton.

I denied a girl sex once because she had a band aid on her hand. She was already dirty to begin with but I was willing to lower my standards for some goodies. When I saw the bandaid I couldn't do it...

I was denied sex after I accidentally pooped in the car while on a date night with my husband-

I once had a guy fall asleep WHILE WE WERE DOING IT!!! Talk about a shot to the ego! -jenn from Olympia

im a 27 yr old guy and i just dont care about sex anymore. Its very overrated in my opinion. Have better things to do.

I denied a hot chick because her husband was in the next room. Jason in Puyallup.

When CHRISTINA AGUILERA started working on her latest album, she had a message for her label execs . . . quote, "You are working with a fat girl. Know it now and get over it." This comes after years of making herself "toothpick thin" because of pressure from the industry. She says, "I got tired of being a skinny, white girl. I am Ecuadorian but people felt so safe passing me off as a skinny, blue-eyed white girl. My body can't put anyone in jeopardy of not making money anymore . . . my body is just not on the table that way anymore." Her rep says that Aguilera never said any of those things, "The quotes are 100% false."

Based on this…finish this sentence… “I’m BLANK, get over it”. Good or bad…What is something that defines who you are? Here are the texts we got:

I'm a woman who hates kids, get over it.

Im an ex con, im not a criminal anymore. The rest of my life should not be defined by past mistakes. Get over it. Jeff in lynnwood.

I'm PERFECT GET OVER IT have been all my life, Kris in maple valley

I am a black guy who wears a kilt my family is from Scotland not all black guys were African Americans get over it

I'm a smoker get over it! I hate the righteous seattlites who feel the need to remind me on a daily basis that "those things are gonna kill me"! I struggled with drugs and smoking is now my crutch. Might not be the bet choice but it makes me more comfortable in sobriety. -camerones thee nippler

Matt from auburn. I am a fan of th bj shea show. Get over it. BLD!

Im a pot head get over it

I am not well endowed...get over it.-Jeff the tattooer

I'm f**** HOTT, get over out..... From Laurie in Tenino :-)

I'm annoying, get over it. I tease people, have a deep voice that carries across a room, and am very energetic. My closest friends and loving gf enjoy my company so everyone else can "blank" off.

I'm a woman married to a woman, get over it!!! Yes on R74

I'm hung get over it

I'm a chewer. I love chewing tobacco. People always tell me " don't you know that's bad for you?" I always say I had no idea!

I'm redneck and if u don't like u can kiss my reble ass ricky from marysville

Today's Video Blog is an Intern Challenge! Our intern Tahiti Steve has 60 seconds to find someone to sing Gangam Style by PSY...will he do it?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:


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10/03/2012 8:17AM
STP's BLOG 10/03/12 "HBD TO ME!"
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