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STP's BLOG 10/03/13 "Thanks for the Birthday Wishes"

Thank you to everyone that sent me a birthday wish…I am trying to reply to everyone on Facebook, but I am so overwhelmed by the number of comments, I’m a lucky fella…much love to everyone! 

I share my B-Day with some “special” people…check it out:

Seann William Scott - 37 
Neve Campbell - 40 
Kevin Richardson - 42 … Now officially and fully BACK with the Backstreet Boys.  Thank God!
Gwen Stefani - 44 
Tommy Lee - 51
The Reverend Al Sharpton - 59 

And my favorite…

Candy Apples - 37 … who is Candy?  She’s a fine actress that has starred in some classics like:  Rockin knockers 1 . . .Girls Home Alone (the entire collection)… and Sleeping Booty!
Since we are in October…that means that September is over, and you got to love the Green Day fans that have been tweeting Green Day to “wake them” because of their song “Wake Me When September Ends” – I love what Green Day had to say about this…
 photo 2C8E5136-9F45-49A5-8903-BA14986EAD4A-7169-00000457A41B6690_zps2f12029d.jpg
Thanks to Vicky for hipping us to all of this insanity….

Yesterday, there was a great discussion on about things that are CUTE when women do them . . . but CREEPY when men do them.  Here are the top eight:
1.  Asking if anyone wants to go to the bathroom with them.
2.  Saying a kid is going to grow up to be hot.  If a woman says a little boy is going to grow up to be hot, it's cool . . . if a man says a little girl is going to grow up to be hot, it is most definitely NOT COOL.
3.  Whispering, "I'm not wearing any underwear" into someone's ear.
4.  Wearing their significant other's clothes.
5.  Loading up texts with smiley and winky face emoticons.  Or even ONE emoticon.
6.  Eating a banana while maintaining eye contact.
7.  Buying a lot of adult toys.
8.  Referring to their father as "Daddy" once they're older than age 10.
Based on this list of the things that are cute when women do them . . . but creepy when men do them… What else would you add to this list?  What is something the opposite sex can do…but you can’t? Here are some of the texts we got:
Just grab a chicks ass. My wife did it at one of the Rock Girl Gala's. Chick turned around and gave me a dirty look. When I pointed at my wife, she got a big smile and they hung out the rest of the night with creepy me. It turned out well for me in the end tho. BIGJON
Chick asks to bring another woman into the mix=HOT. Guy suggests another man in the bedroom = creepy. Happy B-day STP!
Girls kissing girls is hot guys kissing guys not
It's weird when buddy asks to taste your drink at the bar, but when a chick asks, have at it!
Men-chewing tobacco, women creepy when they do!
Dudes can't throw their underwear onstage at a rock show.
Women can get away with "duck lips" . Men doing it is creepy. Brief from Tacoma
Talk in Baby voice
Being totally shirtless! Guys can just take their shirts off and its fine, girls do it and then... Well we're crazy naked chick
Eating a banana

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10/03/2013 8:16AM
STP's BLOG 10/03/13 "Thanks for the Birthday Wishes"
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