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STP's BLOG 10/08/13 "Pearl Jam Streaming New CD"

Yesterday was exciting news for us Pearl Jam fans, as they tweeted out their that their new album, Lightning Bolt, which is not available until next Tuesday…is now streaming on iTUNES! Listen now:

I checked it out, and wow…the boys are back…and they are delivering the goods.  There is an insane amount of great energy in all of the songs…I already told you how much I love "Mind Your Manners", and "Sirens"…but there are other stand out tracks…the first song, "Getaway" is amazing, and other highlights include "My Father’s Son", and "Infallible".  Here is that song "Getaway", Eddie’s voice sounds so youthful and awesome on it:

When I saw that tweet about the album streaming, I re-tweeted it and commented on how amazing the album sounds…and much to my surprise, I get this notification:
 photo 798C932A-FA1B-4F06-8CCF-65041080A390-6408-000005A90C317C6E_zps80e60165.jpg
I know it’s silly…but as a lifelong fan of the band, I was so pumped when I saw that they are now following me!
A new survey came up with the top 50 things couples argue about most.  Here's the top 10 . . .
1.  Money.
2.  Kids.
3.  Sex.
4.  Politics.
5.  Religion.
6.  Watching sports.
7.  Directions.
8.  What to watch on TV.
9.  What to have for dinner.
10.  Household chores.
Based on this…what is that one thing that you and your significant other ALWAYS seem to argue about?  Here are the texts we got:
Anything and everything in the morning.
It's simple she won't give any lovin unless she's hamered
Who gets to play GTA 5 when we get home from work. It can get pretty ugly.
Despite seeing each other every day she complains that we don't have enough cuddling...
Me and my wife just purchased a house and we had a talk about keeping our spending down. The next day, buys 2 tickets to a play up in Seattle for $210 dollars!!!! We need another talk it seems lol
We argue about who had to clean the dishes! Mandie
Family being morons
​my significant other always wants to go over to his ex girlfriends house! needless to say it's always a fight. I don't think I'm too wrong and not liking-​ him going over there
Tying a knot in the top of the garbage bag before I throw it in the garbage can. Wife gets so mad when I don't.
Every time after we have sex he calls his Ex. Given he does have a child with her. But every time literally he jumps out of bed when he's done to call... It's weird

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10/08/2013 7:47AM
STP's BLOG 10/08/13 "Pearl Jam Streaming New CD"
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