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STP's BLOG 10/11/12 Wrasslin', Pancakes, and Sex Tapes!"

Well we are back live after a few days off…as BJ did a road trip to LA…he left the city of smog to walk into a floor of smog thanks to the rev! The Rev has awful gas issues all day, but first thing in the morning it is at its…uhhh…ripe-ist. So the glorious scent of Gas & Fabreeze fills the hallways!

While we were off, I was having a blast…let’s start with Friday of last week. Myself and a couple of my Donkeys teammates went to Everett for the WWE Raw World Tour. What an awesome time. This wasn’t a televised event, but that didn’t stop the Superstars from putting on an awesome show.

It was fun to watch Daniel Bryan, man that guy had the crowd in the palm of his hand, as they chanted “YES!” every time he said “No!”:

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I was stoked to see some of the newer talent that I am a fan of…guys like Damian Sandow, Antonio Cesaro, Xavier Woods, Dean Ambrose, and more!

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The highlight was the steel cage match between CM Punk and the Big Show. Punk is so awesome as a heel…he too had the crowd in his control…as he got into a few verbal battles with people in the crowd….

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Thanks to a spotlight, I was able to grab a couple of fun pictures:

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After the event, we hit the YNot Sports Pub & Grub, and had a blast hanging there. Shout out to their manager Jesse, a real cool guy that introduced us to an amazing appetizer they have there…it’s fall off the bone ribs with tater tots.

Speaking of CM Punk…I watched his new documentary, “Best In The World” – wow, what a great watch. If you are a indy wrestling fan, there is some awesome footage in this doc.

Did you see what happened with CM Punk during RAW on Monday? After his match with Vince McMahon…yes, against Vince…and the match was epic! CM Punk went into the crowd, and some idiot fans kept hitting him and threatening to push him down the stairs…that is, until CM Punk “kindly” asked them to stop:

On Saturday we hung out with my brother…as this was his final weekend in the Northwest. I have been lucky to have my bro here for the last 2 years thanks to the Navy, and now he is back east for his next adventure. We took my bro to our favorite Sushi place in Seattle, Nijo…and then for dessert, we had to hit Molly Moons! Salted Caramel in my stomach!

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On Sunday my brother got to join me at my home away from home…the Puget Sound Hockey Center Tacoma, where I play hockey. He got to see why it’s called the “Meat locker”, as it’s freezing in there. I filled in for my bud’s team Trainwreck, and we won 6-1.

On Monday…it was the final day my brother was in town….since I had the day off…we decided to grab breakfast at a place where on the weekends there is a line out the door – The original pancake House in Puyallup:

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Dude…they have so many Pancakes, I had the Blueberry pancakes…I now get why there is a line for this place on the weekends! So many great pancakes to pick from:

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More has come out about this Hulk Hogan sex tape that he didn’t know about…man what an interesting mess this is! Quick story about what happened…Hulk said his prayers, ate his vitamins, and banged his buddy’s then-wife – Heather Clem (was married to radio guy Bubba The Love Sponge). Word just came out that Bubba knew that the sex between his then-wife and the Hulkster was being filmed, and even joked about how he could make a lot of money from this tape (which can be heard at the end of the video)…wow! Radar online has reported that a “disgruntled ex-employee” is the one that released that. That sounds suspicious…it seems like whenever a sex tape comes out, it was someone elses fault…but how in the world did they get their hands on it? Was it just hanging on the fridge with a note that says “Hogan sex Tape – Don’t Touch”? Regardless, Hogan says he is shocked that his friend filmed it…which led to a topic: When have you screwed over a friend, or when has a friend screwed you over? Here are some of the texts:

An ex-friend git between me and a interest after he himself was married so I pretended to have sex with his wife causing their divorce.

I got pictures of our hot 18 year old coworker and showed my buddy at work and he went and told her mom who we also work with. super douchebag ..

Loaned a buddy $1400 so he could keep his house and he quit his job a week later. Hope he's listening... pay me punk!

I got my buddies wife pregnant, and he thinks it's his. He has no idea, and she's due in 4 weeks. His wife doesn't wanna tell him. I see him at work everyday and he has no clue.

On our first man date to a magic tournament the rev didn't do very well and left me in the middle of the night in the ghetto I had to call my dad to come pick me up from 20 miles away! SOB! -Brogan the PLP

10/11/2012 8:17AM
STP's BLOG 10/11/12 Wrasslin', Pancakes, and Sex Tapes!"
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