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STP's BLOG 10/15/12 "Russell-Mania Ran Wild!"

I would like to quote Earl Thomas from the Seahawks…

“If guys didn’t believe in him, I guarantee they believe in him now”

That’s right…he’s talking about Russell Wilson, our rookie QB! Russell-Mania ran wild on Tom Brady and the Patriots yesterday, helping the Hawks win a close one…24-23 thanks to leading the Hawks to a 14 point rally in the final 7 and a half minutes of the game! Russell to Braylon…bam, 23-17…then with 1:18 left in the game…Russell to Sidney Rice for the win! Wow!

Meanwhile, Richard Sherman has quickly become my favorite Seahawk. I love his intensity with the Legion Of Boom on the field…and I love how outspoken he is on Twitter! He apparently has upset some people for the Twitter trash talk he delivered to Tom Brady….


Here is my thing…it’s not like it was unsolicited. Brady was in the news last week for saying that he looked forward to silencing the 12th Man at century link. Well…fortunately for us, that was not the case!

After the Hawks game, I had a hockey game to play, my beer league team, The Tacoma Donkeys tied our second game of the season, 5-5. We were down 4-1…came from behind to take the lead, only for me to give up a fluke goal that I still don’t get how it went in for the game to end in a tie. We then hit Buffalo Wild Wings, where Josh from our team took on the 12 Blazing Wings in 6 minutes challenge, and we might have tied our game…but Josh won this battle…getting it done in 4 minutes!

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You can keep up on the antics of the Tacoma Donkeys by going to our Facebook page:

The big story this weekend though was that dude that did the Stratosphere Jump! A 43-year-old daredevil from Austria named Felix Baumgartner set new world records for the highest and fastest skydive yesterday. He jumped from 128,100 feet, fell at 833.9 miles-per-hour, and broke the sound barrier. And more than eight million people watched the live stream on YouTube.

We got a text with more info, as there was a local angle to this story:

Luke Akins of shelton, WA was the skydiving consultant on the team. He helped design the parachute equipment that Felix had with him. E-P-I-C !!!!!!!!

However…not every texter was impressed:

Tony stark beat that record in iron man

Based on the fact that a skydiver jumped over 128,000 feet…finish this sentence: “I know it wasn’t as impressive as what Felix did, but I once did _____.” Here are some of the texts we got:

Eric in Silverdale: Jumped a jet ski more than 30' high while wave jumping at Ocean Shores, and landed it.

I know it wasn't as impressive as Felix, but I once sang at Carnegie Hall. -Bjorn

I once placed third in a US team doubles Starcraft tourney. It was epic.

I once went 125mph in a car with over 300k miles on it

A 300lb chick! Still had to do a bunch of math so I wouldn't die. Jason

I once slid down at Glacier on my ass

Once got a girl to get a note from her doctor that she was on the birth control shot, I'm classy.

I swam with sharks in Hawaii. It was incredible.

i once bunjee jumped outta a hotair balloon! :)

I watched STP squeeze into a very tight Molly moons shirt .. Epic RED

I once skated on the ice in the taco del mar fish suit with the sabercat mascot.

I once did my neighbor's daughter and her. That's right mother and daughter.

I pooped off the flight deck of the Uss. Nimitz while it was in dry dock.

Delivered twins vaginally without drugs! Like a boss!

I did a scanky old pop star.... G. Richie

In Denmark, a website is running a contest where they're giving away a free iPhone 5 to the man with the SMALLEST JUNK. Men in Denmark have until January to submit a photo of themselves bottomless. Other users on the site will vote on who's smallest. They will give an iPad 3 to the man with the second-smallest.

Based on this…what did you win, and what did you do to win it? Here are some texts we got:

I won a haloween party with Corey Taylor by proving I was he biggest Slipknot fan in Seattle.

I won a guitar on a raffle. I wanted an electric guitar but didnt want to buy one so i monopalized the competetion –Zane

I won the Australian lotto online. $58,000,000.. Just gave them my account info. Money on the way

I won my sanity back, and all I had to do was divorce my ex wife. :-D Sodajrrk

Won a car on the Price is Right. Took the cash value of the car tho so I wouldn't have to pay taxes

I won a BUZZ jacket from BJ when he was on the BUZZ for riding a tricycle wearing only a g string outside the station

There was a contest where you had to say in 10 words or less, what would you do for Motley Crue tickets. I said "Shave my butt and sit in a barrel of gin"

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10/15/2012 7:18AM
STP's BLOG 10/15/12 "Russell-Mania Ran Wild!"
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