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STP's BLOG 10/15/13 "Chinese Food"

Ok…apologies for this…but the people, ok person, that gave us that “Friday” song by Rebecca Black is back…this time we go from Black to Gold…Alison Gold, and her song “Chinese Food”:

This song pisses me off, because the words of the song have actually made me want Chinese food.  Damn you rapping Panda Bear! 

The rapping Panda is actually the “brains” behind these songs; wouldn’t it be funny if before he got into the crappy catchy pop music business, he was a gangsta rapper?

Yesterday we had Luke Willson of the Seattle Seahawks on our show, and during the interview I asked him what was the most "gangster" thing he has ever seen a teammate do.  This all stemmed from something I saw this weekend, John Tavares of the New York Islanders got hit in the FACE with a puck, and on the bench he is caught on camera digging the tooth out of his mouth.   I posted this viedo in yesterday’s blog, but here it is again if you missed it:

This led to a great topic... Based on Luke Willson's story and the John Tavares incident...Whether it is from sports or anything else....what is the most "Gangster" thing you have ever seen?
When my little sister was in gymnastics a girl ran to do the vault, jumped on the springboard and broke her ankle. When she stood up her foot was hanging there compound break grossest thing I've ever seen!
I was riding my bike downhill pretty fast, hit a pothole, so I bailed off the bike, started running, and didn't fall. It was crazy I didn't totally wipe out.
Personal experience. Playing indoor soccer and got tripped. Stood up and my middle finger was at 90 degrees dislocated. Gave it a hard yank to straighten it out and played the rest of the game
In the Army my buddy fractured his femur and before going to the hospital we crutched him up to the chow hall so he could eat breakfast first
It was pretty gangster when my roommate got hit by a car going 50MPH, was in a coma, then the next morning, was out of the hospital walking around.
John bones jones vs Chanel sonnen. Continuing in round one to win the fight after his big toe almost falls off. Nothing I saw in person, but that’s gangsta.
Got axe thrown at me by my cousin when he was tryin to break down shed hit me in stomach sent me flyin thank god it hit me on the flat side
I was chopping wood miss the wood and cut my finger right off shoved in a plastic bag with my hands and I waited for my mom to get home to go to the hospital they Sew it back on
My goal keeper in highschool, took a cleat to the eye, split open his eyelid, threw some vaseline on it and a bandaide over it, played the rest of the game and we won, then got stitches after the game. Toughest guy ever.

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10/15/2013 10:03AM
STP's BLOG 10/15/13 "Chinese Food"
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