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STP's BLOG 10/16/12 "Broncos, Bobby, & Browns"

Did you catch the Monday Night Football game yesterday? Wow. It was like 2 separate games. Chargers are up at the half 24-0…and then a little know quarterback named Peyton manning decided to be be near perfect in the second half & show Phillip Rivers what a clutch QB does when his team neads a leader...posts 3 TD’s and the Broncos won the game 35-24! I honestly have no issues with the Chargers, but Phillip Rivers always rubbed me the wrong way…I’ve seen many games where he is just acting like an immature fool…so any chance to see that lil’ whiner lose is OK in my world.

Speaking of football…I just ordered this shirt…how sweet is this?


Seahawks & Wrestling mixed into a shirt of awesome-ness…hell yes!!!  You can get this shirt, as well as other cool local sports based shirts here:

Hall of Fame college basketball coach Bob Knight is selling his championship basketball rings and Olympic gold medal for what he considers a very good reason: the education of his grandchildren. A collection of the former coach's memorabilia will be auctioned off, and Knight said that, “the money could be very useful to put our grandchildren through college." Knight is also selling his sports coat and a warm up jacket given to him when he was the coach of the gold medal-winning U.S. Olympic team in 1984. Knight said, "I've got stuff I didn't even know I had, I don't put anything up in the house. And I don't even wear rings."

Based on this, there might come a point in his life where he wishes he didn’t get rid of those things….so finish this sentence: "I wish I didn't get rid of _____". Here are the texts we received:

I wish I never got rid of my bass guitars. I sold all three plus a few amp's to pay for an engagement ring for my ex girlfriend who eventually cheated on me.

I didn't get rid of the girl friend for the wife

I wish I didn't get rid of my truck...damn student loans!!!

My virginity julie in Ravensdale

My gpa worked for boeing & with NASA on The Challenger. When it blew up, I got copies of letters sent to the families. I wish I knew where the were. Gman Drew

My original he-man, gi Joe and transformer action figures.

I wish i would have kept my vintage record collection. Sold it for drug money cause i was a heroin addict. Best punk rock music ever

A Cleveland Browns fan was dared to dunk his head into a bucket of urine for $450…and he did it…this is ridiculous…check it out:

What about you? What stupid dare did you or someone you know do? Here are some of the texts we got:

I jumped into the catch net at the top of the chairlift and broke my nose because the ropes are frozen solid and about the same hardness as a steel cable. Jason in Tacoma

Drank a bottle of hot sauce for 5 dollars worst thing I've ever done., and it wasn't Franks hot sauce it was really bad hot hot stuff. I was 15 an stupid

Stupid Dare: $20 to eat an entire box of donuts, including the box.

Hey i once bit off a gecko in Thailand -- i bit the lizards head off and spit it out!

I was dared to rub icy hot under my eyes for a hundred bucks. Worst pain I've ever endured.

was dared to play a game of madden where loser had to eat a habinero pepper and i shanked the game winning fg. Scotty from edgewood

Once dared to jump over a double-wide shopping cart holder in a Target parking lot. Cleared it. Popped my knee out on the landing, don't have an ACL anymore...

What would YOU rather do? Dunk head in piss or watch the Browns play football? Both will leave you degraded and feeling dirty...

Today's video blog gives you a glimpse into the world of of my pup Lulu, and what she does at night.

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10/16/2012 9:08AM
STP's BLOG 10/16/12 "Broncos, Bobby, & Browns"
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