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STP's BLOG 10/16/13 "El Torito"

This morning I was talking about Los Matadores, a new tag team in the WWE….and how awesome their entrance is, all because of a little friend of theirs…El Torito!  Yes, they have a little person dressed as a bull come out of a cloud of smoke and barrel through their capes.  Only one word can describe this.  Awesome.

Are you on Facebook?  Do you listen to the STP-CAST?  If so, join our new group…where all of us douches unite to b.s….I think this group could turn into a fun thing….let’s see if we can make it grow!

Steve Nys is an Everett Washington businessman that was at a charity auction this week to benefit Seattle's Matt Talbot Center, an addiction treatment facility for the homeless. One of the items up for auction was to catch a Russell Wilson pass.  Steve wound up being the highest bidder, paying $2200 to have an amazing moment with Russell.

Based on this… Finish this sentence… “I would pay good money to do ­_____ with _____”.  What celebrity would you love to have a moment with, and what would you want to do with that celeb? Here are the texts we got:

Watch porn with STP – signed Fido, 3 year old Doberman pincher

Watch a Hawks game with Warren Moon

if i wasnt pay good money to go hunting with ted nugent

Play Golf with Adam Sandler

Do shots with Charlie Sheen

Watch survivor with toppy

Sit in on an STPcast. That would be awesome until the Rev gases the room.

A tag team with ron Jeremy

Bjorn – jam with metallica

Smoke a bowl with ice cube

Watch star wars with bj shea

I wanna motorboat with Katy Perry

While we were taking calls on this topic, we got this text:

There's an awesome video of Lenny Kravitz where a school group was playing one of his song in a park and he comes and crashes it and sings in and play the drums its on YouTube it's awesome
Check it out:
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10/16/2013 6:44AM
STP's BLOG 10/16/13 "El Torito"
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