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STP's BLOG 10/17/12 "#VOTESTP2012"

Ugh did you watch the debates last night? Wow…boring. Just put them in the octagon, we would get more out of it. At one point they talked about gas prices…ok now THAT is something I will pay attention to! In the debate Romney said gas in that area of New York State had gone from $1.86 a gallon when Obama took office, to $4 now. Obama said gas was cheap then because the economy was on the verge of collapse, and that Romney might get gas down to that price again . . . but only because his policies would cause us to collapse again. Here is the deal…I am going to jump on the soap box for a half a minute:

If I was going to run for president, I would make it simple…my only goal…my only platform…is to lower the F’ing gas prices. Seriously, this is ridiculous that it cost me about 55 bucks every 3 days or so. I would make it clear…I don’t care about anything else…

Foreign relations: You don’t want to be our friend? Piss off.

Economy: Lower gas prices, people can afford to work lower paying jobs…they can work jobs that require a lot of travel.

Gay Marriage: Let Bob & John get hitched…who’s it really bothering. High gas prices…now that bothers me!

Tax cuts: Shut up…I gas price cuts.

I know this all sounds so extreme, and ignorant, I get it…I’m just sick of how I’m being bent over at the gas pump. And as crazy as I might sound, I guarantee you that I would get a ton of votes if my this was my campaign slogan: “Lower Gas…Kiss My Ass!”


The funny thing is that after I said this on air…the texts blew up huge with people saying that they would vote for me …haha! Here are just a couple of the texts that stood out:


93 Yukon 7mpg. STP for president!!!!

I would vote for steve.. I drive from bremerton to renton daily

I spend $20 a day in gas, i vote for steve

That's it! Steve's my write in ballot

Writing steve in on the ballot in november.

TOM COBURN is a Republican senator from Oklahoma. Every year he releases the "Wastebook," which is a collection of ways the government wasted your tax money in the past year, totaling $18 BILLION.

Here are 10 of the worst things the government has blown money on in the past year.

1. Moroccan pottery classes. The U.S. has spent $27 MILLION on a project to train people in Morocco to design and sell pottery at home and abroad.

2. Robot squirrels. A part of a $325,000 grant was spent on a study that built a robotic squirrel to see how snakes would react to it.

3. Making pennies. In 2012, the cost to produce one penny was . . . two cents. The government spent at least $120 MILLION making them.

4. Pet shampoo. A pet care company in Nebraska got $505,000 from a community development block grant to help install machines that make pet shampoo and toothpaste.

5. Food stamps for the dead. At least 2,000 dead people received food stamps last year . . . and that's just in New York and Massachusetts.

6. The size of golf holes. Purdue University used part of a $350,000 grant on a study that concluded if golfers imagined they were putting into larger holes, they were more successful.

7. Better tasting beef jerky. The Pentagon has spent more than $1.5 MILLION trying to create a better-tasting beef jerky for soldiers.

8. The attractiveness of female fruit flies. More than $900,000 went toward a study that found female fruit flies lose their looks as they get older.

9. Food for Mars. Even though there's no plan to send people to Mars for at least two decades, NASA spent $1 MILLION developing recipes that could be eaten on Mars . . . including pizza and vegetarian options.

10. Gaydar. A $30,000 grant went to a study at the University of Washington to test if gaydar was real. They found people identify gay men's faces correctly 57% of the time, and lesbian women's faces correctly 65%.

So….if there was a “Wastebook” done on your spending…what would be on it? What did you or someone you know waste a lot of money on? Here are some of the texts we got:

Alcahol . spend way to much on it and have nothing to show for it but a hangover ! YAMAHAULIN ASS

I love smutty romance novels. With e readers and apps its even easier to hide just how many I buy.

Ammo. I shoot competition in rifles and pistols. Some of my guns are $3 per shot. Practice twice a week, adds up to $500-$700 per month.

coffee every day for four people. Adds up fast. Also my husband spends thousands every year on fireworks

Magic the gathering. My game, my passion, my curse

My boss crashed his Bentley along with a dui and then bought another Bentley just a different color! Some rich bitches man..

$80 every two weeks for eyelash extensions

I don't even want to know how much money I've spent at coffee stands over the years...yikes.

I waste almost $10/day on Starbucks. Ridiculous but can't seem to break the habit

Video games, energy drinks & women. Learned quick that men aren't pretty, but they're easy – Christine

Bikini Barrista coffee and tips! From Tristan in Kent.

Bikini coffee stands. None compare to Everett. All others are a waste of money...

We got this email:

BJ –
I heard you, Steve, and Toppy talk about that Justin Bieber story about him saying his laptop and camera were stolen. You sounded pretty upset with him, I am more on the side of STP in that it’s just a dumb hoax, BUT my wife is actually livid about this.
She is mad that she was “duped” by Bieber and things that he should apologize. I tried telling her to settle down, and we all get “duped” and she should just laugh it off.
I then tried dropping my pants and doing a dance Steve, it didn’t work like you said it would. LOL
I thought this could be a good topic, take calls from Rock-A-Holics about how they were “duped” or a moment when they were comepletely gullible.

Hahaha! I guess I should have included the fine print in my theory that if you wanna have some “fun time” with your lady, do something dumb like I do: Jump up and down until my pants fall off and say “I’ve seem to have misplaced my pants”…because I feel like if you can make your lady laugh, it can lead to other “fun” stuff! But I don’t think that theory works during an argument (haha); however, we did get this text:

The no pants dance works on my wife. Everytime. Thanks STP

Based on this email from Joe...when have you been "duped"...when have you "duped" someone? Here are the texts we got:

My wife is from cali and I told her cows sleep standing up. If u see one laying down then there dead. I totaly forgot to tell her I was kidding cause a few days later while driving she screamed when we drove past a field with cows lying down. Oops

When I was in high school there were tons of people convinced that The Blair Witch Project was real and that it was just found footage. –Bjorn

I was duped into thinking this was a funny show. – caleb

Convinced my friend we had vodka laced skittles, we were pretending to be drunk

At my wedding reception my wife's nieces and nephews have me a fake winning lottery ticket i wigged out cuz i thought i had won $20,000. Evan in Custer

When I was in high school my buddy and I got into an argument over who made a better burger. When I made mine me and another friend added some of our pubes to the sauce. My buddy ate about half the burger before he noticed. Never seen him so pissed in my life!

Today’s video blog is an Intern Challenge. Our intern The Prodigy has 60 seconds to smell the arm pit of a complete stranger...will he do it?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:


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STP's BLOG 10/17/12 "#VOTESTP2012"
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