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STP's BLOG 10/17/13 "Gasman & Sounders"

Huge thanks to Mike Gastineau, The Gasman, for coming in! I’ve always loved listening to the Gasman on the radio, so having him in studio is always a great experience.  Get his new book about "Sounders FC: Authentic Masterpiece".  I can’t wait to read this book, just hearing Gas talk about it makes me want to learn more about the Sounders FC!  Get the book at
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We came across this great list on -- 40 Things Every Self-Respecting Man Over 30 Should Own….see how well you fare…I have only 23 of the 40!  I need to get my act together!
1. A tailored black suit
2. Black dress shoes
3. Brown dress shoes
4. Stocks
5. A tool kit
6. A nice wallet
7. Cologne, NOT BODY SPRAY
8. A watch
9. A proper bed with proper bedding
10. A flashlight
11. Duct tape
12. A weekend bag
13. Proper glassware
14. Grooming kit
15. Double-hinged wine key
16. Multiple towels
17. A chef’s knife
18. A passport
19. A flask
20. Sewing kit
21. An umbrella
22. Buy an ironing board, and an iron.
23. Jumper cables
24. Undershirts
25. Playing cards
26. A lint roller
27. A leatherman
28. Sunglasses
29. A record player
30. Football/soccer ball/basketball, etc.
31. A French press
32. Good socks
33. Good underwear
34. A cast-iron skillet
35. Multiple sheet sets
36. A bar set
37. Matching dishes
38. A decent car
39. A solid book collection
40. A decent bottle of booze
What would you put on the list?  Here are some of the texts we received:
every man should own an effin Harley. thanks guys josh in Tacoma

Every man needs a good quality metallic watch Brian

A good vibrater cus guys dont know how to plz lol from Gally in Shelton

A full screwdriver and socket set.

Sewing machine!

A shotgun

every self respecting woman should own a good set of knifes, pots, and pans and know how to cook

A strategy to stay healthy and in shape because you are nothing w/ o health and, so you can keep scoring people under 30!

Every man over 30 should have a wife under 30, right Steve?

One thing a man over 30 should own is a huge creepy self portrait

Today's video blog is part 2 of our chat with Steve-O from Jackass.  In this clip he has a great Dancing With The Stars story.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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10/17/2013 8:50AM
STP's BLOG 10/17/13 "Gasman & Sounders"
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10/17/2013 12:06PM
Number 4
On the list # 4 what do we use the "Stocks" for :-)
10/17/2013 12:07PM
Self respecting man
How is it possible that a BBQ isn't on there? That's a right of passage. And so is a ladder. Cheers Neil The Beer Guy
10/17/2013 12:10PM
Every man over 30 should own
some sort or multiple power tools and know how to use them.
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