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STP's BLOG 10/18/13 "Come Party With Us Tonight!"

We hope to see you guys tonight at The Great American Casino in Lakewood!  We are celebrating BJ’s 14th anniversary of being on the air in Seattle!  We will be there from 7-9PM…it’s free, so come down and celebrate!
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We've got the results of a new survey on the top things that make parents UNCOOL. 
Here are the top 15 things that make you uncool . . .
1.  Not knowing the top songs on the charts.
2.  Not being able to work an iPhone.
3.  Not knowing the words to current songs.
4.  Your fashion sense.
5.  Owning a sensible or practical car.
6.  Not seeing the attraction of video games.
7.  Not knowing what "twerking" is.
8.  Not knowing what Spotify is.
9.  Not letting your kids stay out late.
10.  Making your kids wear embarrassing clothes to school.
11.  Singing and dancing around the house.
12.  Being a smoker.
13.  Your hairstyle.
14.  Wanting to go with your kids on nights out.
15.  Not knowing who pop singers are.

So we had to ask...what made you realize your parents are uncool...or on the flipside, what makes your parent cool?  Surprisingly the majority of the texts were about how cool their parents are!  Here are some of the texts we got:

My mom has done many things to achieve cool status but the first time I really realized she was cool was in 8th grade when she took a UA for me so I didn't get kicked out if school ;)

My dad used to do donuts in his old impala ss with my brother and I in the car just to get a rise out of us and my mom still doesn't know about it to this day.

Busted me smoking weed my graduation night, just told me to be careful and let me keep partying with my friends, pretty cool

When I started to come of age, my dad gave me his Playboy collection. That's when I found out I had a cool parent.

When I found out that my dads "shark bite" on his leg was actually just from falling out of a tree

My mom went lesbian, my dad divorced her and now pulls more ass then me. Epic and depressing at the same time

Dad asked me if I ever smoked weed? Thinking I would be in trouble but didn't care said yes. A couple days later he asked me if I could get him a couple joints. I did!

'When I was a teenager, the coolest thing my parents ever did was listen to dubstep. I realized they were uncool when they wore bandanas while blasting du  bstep in their jeep.

My dad and I totally went to Vegas for my 21st birthday. He had me doing jello shots at 9 in the morning and we drank, gambled and partied for 3 days straight.

Today's Video Blog features our bud Mike Gastineau.  The Gasman joined us to promote his book "Sounders FC- Authentic Masterpiece".  Mike is having a book launch party, Tuesday (10/22) at  6p.m. at the Market Arms Pub in Ballard. Tickets are available at, get more info at

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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10/18/2013 8:40AM
STP's BLOG 10/18/13 "Come Party With Us Tonight!"
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I want to come down and give all you guys 10-15 minutes of free massage!
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