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STP's BLOG 10/22/12 "Axl...YIKES!"

OK…if there was ever a time for Axl Rose to gracefully bow out of the music industry…this might be it. Guns N' Roses performed a seven-song acoustic set at Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit on Saturday. All of the songs sounded awful, not only because of Axl’s voice…but the musicianship wasn’t up to par either! But the vocals…wow, the vocals…check it out for yourself:

After this performance, I wouldn’t be shocked if the hired hands in G N’ R kicked Axl out of the band for sounding like ass. I love some of the texts we got, the comparisons made are priceless! Here are some of the texts that cracked me up:

My mother in law is in town staying with us. I just heard her go in and drop a deuce, I would rather hear her in the bathroom than listen to ! Axle

Axel rose sounds just like Dr. roxxo off metalacalypse!

I've heard cats in heat sound better than that bat least slash can still rock a guitar

Why is Micky Mouse singing for Guns and Roses?

when did Elmo join Guns N Roses

Axel sounds like Paul Stanley choking on a car

He sounds like Dr rockso the rock n roll clown from metalocalypse

Was that Mr.Hanky singing welcome to the jungle?

He sounds like Mr.Bill "ohhh noo"


It’s funny how the most random things bring you right back to being a kid. While grocery shopping at Wal-Mart over the weekend, I came across this on a shelf…and I immediately went back to the child version of myself….

The Strawberry Qwik was the BEST! I wouldn’t even dare try another flavor, and I surely wouldn’t even think of using the liquid version…it was all about the powder. That was like crack in a pink powder form for me. The moment you opened that tin, and the cloud of pink dust would come out…take a spoonful, toss it in the milk, and greatness ensued.

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Over the weekend my lady and I got to get all dressed up for an awesome event, and we got to bring our dog to stay at the hotel – The Willows Lodge in Woodinville. Man I love that hotel…worth every penny to stay there, that was where my wife and I stayed for our wedding too. The best part is that they are cool with your dog staying at the hotel as well!

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The website Cracked Dot Com has come up with four WEIRD things that make people like you more.

1. Asking for a Favor. Studies have found that asking for a favor and saying "thank you" actually make you more likeable than DOING a favor for someone.

2. How Good Looking Your Friends Are. Researchers tested this one by setting up two fake Facebook accounts that were exactly the same. The only difference was, one of them had HOT friends, and the other didn't. Then they showed both profiles to people, and asked if they'd like to meet the person. In the end, people were 20% more likely to want to meet the one with good-looking Facebook friends.

3. Wearing Clothes with Brand Names on Them. They don't even have to be NICE brand names. Just having ANY brand name on your shirt makes you more likeable, because it makes people more likely to TRUST you.
In one study, two groups of researchers collected money for charity: Some of them were in plain clothes, and some were in clothing with brand names. And the ones with brand names got twice as many donations.

4. Embarrassing Yourself in Public. A bunch of studies have shown that when people see you embarrassed, it makes them think you're nicer and more trustworthy. If you're the kind of person who gets embarrassed easily, then you're also more likely to be nice to people so you AVOID embarrassing situations.

So…Cracked Dot Com has come up with four WEIRD things that make people like you more... but what about the other side of this? What have you done that has made someone HATE you? Here are the texts we got:

I nailed my buddies girl

Being so loud at clubs and getting kicked out because of it on my friends bday lol

I was friends with a coworkr and she really liked one of the the guys we worked with. To the point that she would tell me she loved him. I'm now married to that guy and she doesn't speak to me anymore

I had a brotherly dispute when we were kids I don't even remember over what but I scrubbed the toilet with his toothbrush then watched him use it that night yes needless to say I couldn't keep it together and I had to spill it.. all I had to say is I don't get mad I get even!!

I made people hate me by making them pay me to fix their computers

Being naturally good looking! And amazing at anything I do. Oh... and being modest too! Get hated for that! :) -T-Money from Muk

I have uncontrollable gas, and I let loose wherever AND whenever I please! Signed, The Rev!

My current manager hates me because he feels my apology wasn't good enough. B.L.D.
When I talk politics with people, they hate me and I hate them.

I'm getting married. My mom & sister adore him but disaprove of marriage. Everyone but my own mother & sister is happy for me & they're pissed!

At a party and took a leak in a girls purse

According to a survey by Panadol pain relievers, two in five women have LIED about having their period to get out of doing something they don't want to do. Exercise is the most common activity that women invent a period in order to avoid . . . but one in SEVEN women have lied about their period in order to avoid having sex. One in five women say they've blamed a bad mood or irritability on their period . . . even if they weren't having one.
Two in five women have LIED about having their period to get out of doing something they don't want to do…what about you? When have you lied to get out of doing something? What were you trying to avoid doing? Here are the texts we received:

My boyfriend said he had to meet his gaming friends in modern warfare to get out of cuddling with me last night. Rude! -rockn java

I once lied to my diesel engines instructor in Denver telling her I couldn't Come to class because some slut gave me an std and I was gunna miss a few days. Instead I stayed at the dorm got super stoned and played call of duty. Papa johns pizza and cinnipies for days!

Often lie to my girl about working late so I dont get flack for being at band practice. steven in tacoma

Soooo I got called for jury duty and didn't want to do it so I told them I was racist and even though that's the last thing I worked :)

Claimed I had a "medical procedure" to do a studio sit in. Now if only the company VP wasn't listening right now... -the DV

Roy from puyallup - i've lied about a migraine to avoid going to the in-laws for dinner.
One time i told my twin brothers girlfriend that i was my brother so i could bang her! It worked! #WINNING!

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10/22/2012 8:14AM
STP's BLOG 10/22/12 "Axl...YIKES!"
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