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STP's BLOG 10/22/13 "Pumpkins"

We are getting closer and closer to Halloween, so my wife and I kept the tradition alive, and carved pumpkins…we did 3… 1 for each of us in the family (hell yeah Lulu gets a pumpkin), and also because 3 pumpkins means 3 times the amount of pumkin seeds, which are too awesome for words.  Check ours out… mine is the goalie, my wife’s pumpkin is the Huskies logo, and Lulu’s is the Minion…however, I was the one doing the carving for all three!
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A new survey asked hotel managers to name the strangest request they've heard this year.  Here are some of the top requests . . .

8.  Do you offer a sleep sitting service?  I need someone to watch over me because I tend to sleepwalk.
7.  Can I borrow your ring?  It's my wedding tomorrow and the best man lost ours.
6.  Which subway line do I take to the Eiffel Tower?  The hotel was in England.
5.  Does your pet policy include llamas?
4.  Can you do my son's math homework?
3.  Can you stop the snow so I can get to the hotel?
2.  Can you fill the bathtub with milk?
1.  Can you transfer my room outside so my wife and I can have a night under the stars?

Based on a list of the strangest requests hotel managers have heard…what about you?  While on the job, what was the strangest thing asked of you? Here are some of the texts we got:
I was a cook in a restaurant we made French Dip sandwich with the night before the leftover prime rib someone asked me to trim the fat off of their sliced up sandwich meat

worked at little Caesars and an old dude told me to show him just how 'hot n ready' I was. He was serious &angry but I never 'showed' him. CREEP

I work at starbucks. I was once asked which drink was which.... An iced tea and a hot latte were the drinks I handed out... Please. Spay and neuter your children.

Working in a steak house in Buckley, the owner asked me to microwave a 20 pound prime rib. I walked out.

Nari in Spanaway. While working at Safeway I was asked if we carry Rocky mountain oysters

IMA cop, I I arrested somebody for having methamphetamine and heroin on them. When I got into the jail they ask for it back.

I am a helicopter pilot. I tend to give tours as well as instructed. During one tour for a couple, they asked if I could land on a sandbar in a river I obliged. They then asked if they could get out and have sex. I did not oblige.

Worked as a bouncer. Guy asked me to 'fake fight' with him, but to let him win to impress his girlfriend. I ended up having to kick him out and tossed him around like a salad at Applebee's. I don't think his girlfriend was impressed. Douchenozzle

I work in fast food and once saw a coworker get asked "what's the difference between chicken and fish?" Couldn't hear the response cuz I was laughing too hard

Have you seen this new app called YAK (or YAKit)? If not, it's a lot of fun...hell...Toppy has decided to leave everyone a message on it:


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10/22/2013 7:36AM
STP's BLOG 10/22/13 "Pumpkins"
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