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STP's BLOG 10/23/13 "5 Guys"

Last night Toppy, BJ, the Rev and I got to see a screening of the new Johnny Knoxville movie, Bad Grandpa…I am sure I will write more about it and we will talk about it on Friday…but in a nutshell…one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time.  I couldn’t stop laughing!

Before we went to the film…Toppy, The Rev, and I pre-funked at 5 Guys Burgers!
 photo 12A7A3E5-E10F-45E2-BE17-D789A90FAA1B-88684-0000165267210B2D_zps5518a0bb.jpg
Earlier this month, parents in Connecticut caught their 15- and 16-year-old daughters throwing a PARTY while they were out of town.  So the parents CALLED THE COPS on their daughters.  Both girls were actually ARRESTED for allowing a minor to possess alcohol.
Based on this, finish this sentence:  “I can’t believe my parents busted me doing _____”. Or… “I can’t believe I busted my kids doing _____.”  Here are some of the texts we got:
Parents busted me watching adult films in their bedroom…dad came home early from work.  The dvd in the living room was broken…I wish smart phones existed back then
I once busted my kid selling pot…she accidentally FB messaged me instead of their friend that has the same first name
I can't believe my parents caught me having sex with my friends mom.

My mom busted me for having Magic the Gathering cards, saying it was a way for the devil to control me

I'm 17 and my parents caught me smokin a little reefer last night. Instead of calling the cops or grounding me, my dad rolled the best blunt I've ever seen.

Dad busted me having alone time when i was supposed to be doing homework - saw me through the bedrm window - very awkward :/

Got busted coming back late from a girls house. My punishment was a rum and coke cause. My mom knew I hated that combo. I was 14

Have you seen this thing called Bitstrips? Basically, you can create your own comic strips or stills on Facebook…we had a little fun with it today…
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10/23/2013 8:23AM
STP's BLOG 10/23/13 "5 Guys"
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