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STP's BLOG 10/24/12 "Ganja Style -- The Video!"

Here is the video for Mono-Nick's "hit" song, Ganja Style, a parody of the Psy song Gangnam Style.

Here is the same video for the iPHONE users:


Huge thanks to Rock Girls Christin, Jamie Lee, and Amanda for being a part of this “masterpiece.”

The crew of TLC's "Hoarding, Buried Alive" are all under observation after being exposed to a deadly virus at a home they were filming. Three women got sick after working in the filthy garage of a Houston house, which was later quarantined, for an upcoming episode of the TLC series. One was hospitalized with Hantavirus symptoms — which can include fever, chills, vomiting and trouble breathing — and initially tested positive, but a Health Authority deputy said the first test was a “false positive.” The house was quarantined until doctors determined that the crew hadn't contracted Hantavirus — which can be fatal. Doctors still aren’t sure what made the three “Hoarding” crew members sick.

Based on this…what was the most messed up thing you had to do while on the job? Here are the texts we got:

I'm cassie a dental assistant I haf to rub someones feeeet! Ewww ir was grosssss

I had to sort through a pallet with broken containers of hydrochloric acid, not fun with the fumes and not the proper safety equipment

Working at a porn shop and cleaning “stuff” off the walls of the stalls!

As corrections officer, I was made to clean a cell after an inmates suicide attempt.She used a comb to cut her wrist.The blood was everywhere and mostly dry by the time we were given the go ahead to clear the cell.

Doing security. Having to be. Carrying passed out,drunk people who puke on themselves . One time someone threw up on me. I threw up right back on them.
I had to wash newt Gingrich's dirty dishes and take in his napkins to get dry cleaned when he flew into the airport I work at. I'm a pilot, not a flight attendant!

Had to clean human brains off a wall after a suicide working for an auction house
I had a phone sex job where I had to talk with a guy for an hour using ONLY medical terminology. ~Jayde

Yesterday during our game “Lying Like A Bitch”, I shared an embarrassing true-story about ordering an adult movie on Pay Per View and being caught by my mom… I ordered “White Men Can’t HUMP” and tried to play it off as an accident, and I meant to order “White Men Can’t Jump.” After I shared this story, we talked about getting caught by your parents for doing something embarrassing…and we received this text:

I got caught humping my fiancé in the pool by her mother! It was the most embarrassing thing ever… she screamed and the neighbors came out

This led to a great topic….when have you done something really embarrassing and you got busted by your parents or any relative?Here are the texts we got:

I got crabs from one of first guys I slept with.. my sister found my crab killer medicine and called me out in front of my whole family... awesome! Darcie from port angeles

I got busted whacking it buy my wife 2 pictures of her younger hotter sister in a bikini and yes we are divorced now From Ed in Bonney Lake

When I was 17, both parents, my little brother, and my aunt walked in to find me with my dads best friends daughter.

This didn't happen to be but my sister-in-law walked in on my dad taking care of himself

Got busted with a box of porn by my dad mistaking it for regular movies...had a fun time explaining that one

was cought shaving my man parts by my mom

When I was like 12, I borrowed my moms massage wond, I fell asleep with pants down wond still in bed, woke up it was gone. Never talked about it to this day. I'm 37 now. Steve in TTown

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STP's BLOG 10/24/12 "Ganja Style -- The Video!"
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