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STP's BLOG 10/29/13 "A Win Is A Win...Go Hawks!"

Man last night was awesome!  Hawks won a nail biter at the very end 14 – 9 with an awesome goal line stop at the end of the game.  Huge thanks to The Bull Market in Tacoma (located inside Paradise Bowl) for having us there to watch the game!
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It was great hanging with Stan, the owner…that place was awesome…great drinks, and food!

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Thanks to everyone that came out…the 12th Man was in full force not only at the Bull Market, but apparently in St. Louis as well…did you see the end of the game?  There were a ton of Hawks fans there making noise, and showing love to Richard Sherman, who was rocking easily one of the coolest winter hats ever! 
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Emile Hirsch will play John Belushi in a movie about the comedian. I have no idea who he is, plus I don’t think he looks like John, so I am not 100% in favor of this, but maybe it will turn out well.  That being said, if there was a movie coming out about me...I would totally have Jamie Foxx play me.  The texters chimed in with suggestions for me... Vin Deisel, JB Smoove, and Jay Baruchel...I am 100% cool with any of those, but leaning towards JB, as he is awesome!

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Based on the fact that Emile Hirsch will play John Belushi in a movie … If there was a movie made about you, who's playing you...and why? Here are the texts we got:
Blake lively. We look similar. She plays roles similar to my personality.

Willem Defoe, because I'm nuts

Seth green because he has red hair too and still plays with toys.

Drew Barrymore, because I've gotten stopped in other countries for people to tell me I looked like her.

I'd like Jason stathom even though I'm not British and I have a full head of hair but it would be cool to be portrayed as a badass that can beat up 5 guys at ounce.

If they made a movie about me, I'd have to be played by Johnny Depp. He is a damn fine actor and much like me a rather handsome man. We're similarish. –Bjorn

Michael Cera, I've been told by numerous people that I look and sound exactly like him. I've even been confused fur him in public

Well since I kind of look like Jesse Pinkman and I'm dressing up as for Halloween as him, and handing out little baggies of "meth". I would pick Aaron Paul to play me in my movie!

According to a new survey, the average man doesn't feel like he's a "real adult" until . . . age 54.  That's the age when men havefinally overcome all the insecurities that made them feel immature and unsettled.  Here are the top 10 insecurities men say they have to conquer or come to terms with before they feel like real adults:
1.  Not being able to pay off a mortgage or afford a house.
2.  Going bald.
3.  Being unemployed.
4.  Being single.
5.  Going gray.
6.  Having a double chin.
7.  Man boobs.
8.  Not being able to afford retirement.
9.  Worrying about health problems.
10.  Being overweight.
So in other words, the second you stop giving an “EFF”, you are an adult.  

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10/29/2013 7:11AM
STP's BLOG 10/29/13 "A Win Is A Win...Go Hawks!"
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