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STP's BLOG 10/30/12 "Hurricane Sandy and a Horse Head"

First off…my thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has family on the east coast, as they deal with Hurricane Sandy. Thankfully my parents and family are doing OK…hopefully their power stays on, and their basement doesn’t get flooded. Most importantly…hopefully a man with just a horse head doesn’t run around in their neighborhood:

Speaking of hurricane Sandy… both David Letterman, and Jimmy Fallon did their shows last night…even though both tape their show in NYC. They both decided to do it without an audience, which was awkward, yet interesting to see:

Yesterday I shared some pictures from the KISW Halloween show with Queensryche and the New originals…I dressed as PAC-MAN, but I wasn’t the only member of our band dressed up (thanks to Heather Hale for all of these pix):

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Here I am rocking the drums in my costume…

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In this pic, Ryan Castle was on the drums, so I decided to hang out with Glenn (from Windowpane):

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After “dancing” in the PAC-MAN outfit, I was too hot to keep wearing it, so when I jumped back on the drums for War Pigs…I said farewell to PAC-MAN…

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KELSEY GRAMMER hit up the Playboy Mansion Halloween party over the weekend . . . with his 3-month-old daughter Faith. What the hell was he thinking. Look…I get it, you CAN’T miss a Playboy party…especially a Halloween one, but can absolutely should NOT bring a child. TMZ says the baby was, "tucked into her bassinet as the music blared" and Kelsey, "whooped it up at a table next to PARIS HILTON just after midnight." That didn't sit well with Playmate MELISSA MAY. She Tweeted, "Why the [eff] does Kelsey Grammer have a newborn baby at the Mansion party!?!?!?"

I don’t disagree with Melissa…first off, have you seen her pictures? Look her up online. Hell…if she said “I hate people named Steve”, I would 100% agree with her! But seriously, that is not a place for a kid…based on this…finish this sentence: “I hate when people bring their kid to _____.” Or…when were you the person that brought your kid somewhere that you shouldn’t have brought it? Here are the texts we received:

This mother brought her newborn to a late showing of insidious and refused to take the screaming child out if the theater the entire movie! I haven't been to a theater since!

My deconstruction sites, i have a hard enough time keeping myself safe!

I hate when people bring their kid grocery shopping. More often then not, their kid is all over the place, in the way, under foot, and screaming. I hate it!

I hate when ppl bring there kids to a tailgate party my name is jesse from lynnwood

The Laundry mat leave your six pack of kids at home!!!

I hate when people bring their kids to the auto parts store. We are not babysitters! It is not a family outing. Keep your kids at home! From Rach the auto parts chick

Seafair! -Niki, Everett

Weddings or receptions!!! Leave em home!

I hate it when they bring their kid to the strip club

I loved it when my girlfriend brought her 20 year old daughter to bed with us. Thats a night i will never forget wooooooooweeeeeee!

I hate when people bring their kids to adult movies and all they do is cry! If I wanted to hear kids whining I would have stayed at home!

No kids should be allowed to warped tour. I'm tired of seeing thirteen year old hoebags running around in less than nothing.

I hate when people bring their kids to hempfest

We got this email that led to a topic:

Hey guys…

First off I hope your friends and family are doing OK on the East Coast with Hurricane Sandy. My name is Sandy, and thanks to this hurricane, I can’t walk 2 feet in my shop without one of my co-workers saying “Here comes Hurricane Sandy” or something to that extent!  It’s bad enough that my name is Sandy and I’m a dude, now I have this to deal with.  A few of us were talking about how certain events can lead to you wishing you could change your name.  One of my co-workers last name is Sandusky…need I say more? We thought this could be a great topic for you show, who or what ruined your name?

Sandy (im 35)

Based on Sandy's email…. Who or What Ruined Your Name? Here are the texts we got:

My name is Chris. Growing up everyone use to call me Christopher Columbus.....Chris in Enumclaw

my name is dukes of hazzard.hate the ranger charlie and rosco the racoon show.

My name is Levi, and brother is devin so people say hey look Levi denim! Annoying!

there are two Weston L Johnson's.... I have no record, the other is in and put of jail, felonies, domestic abuse and newspaper articles!! skagit county is pretty small so I end up looking bad alot!

Hanson. I am the middle of two brothers. It sucked. Mmmbop!

My names Joe and joey buttafuco just killed it for me lol

Everyone calls me freaking taylor swift. I'm a guy.... And i hate country music

My name is Chris. Growing up everyone use to call me Christopher Columbus.....Chris in Enumclaw

I got it double my name Clifford Olson is also Clifford the Big Red Dog and I work in Bellingham Blaine area Clifford Olson was a very famous serial killer in Vancouver

My name is Dirk and i got grief in high school when boogie nights came out.

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10/30/2012 8:11AM
STP's BLOG 10/30/12 "Hurricane Sandy and a Horse Head"
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