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STP's BLOG 10/31/11 "Happy Halloween"

Happy Halloween everyone! Halloween always reminds me of the funniest moment in TV history...when Mike Tyson and Bobby Brown did the Monster Mash on Jimmy Kinmmel Live! a few years ago.

Today is Halloween, so many kids will be may get tired of kids yelling "Trick-or-treat!", but it could get worse . . . Here are Mono-Nick’s Top 3 Things You Don't Want to Hear From a Trick-or-Treater.

--Before I step foot on your property, I'm required by the state to disclose a couple things about my past.

--Mind if I use the candle in your pumpkin to light my crack pipe?

And the number one thing you don't want to hear from a Trick-or-Treater.

--That's my mom behind me on the sidewalk. She said she used to know you and to tell you, "I'm yours."

According to a new survey sponsored by Blockbuster, costumes inspired by pop culture are almost 1,000% more popular this year than politically-inspired costumes. They found that one in four Americans who are going to dress up will be wearing a movie or TV-themed costume. The survey also found that 70% of adults plan to watch a scary movie at some point around Halloween. 29% will watch at least five. Based on this…what is your favorite scary movie? Or…what did you dress up as for Halloween? Here are the texts:

I am dressing up as Lara Croft at work today. Call me a nerd but I guess it helps that I play video games.

Dead silence scares the hell out of me! I hate movies that go quiet and i hate dummies more.

I'm going as an orange crayon

Melissa from Bremerton: I was a real housewife of new jersey. Proper thought I was dressed as a gold digging whore... Close enough!

My wife & I dressed as Gomez & Morticia Addams! We won best couple's costume at the bar we went to.

For a party I was charlie sheen and my girlfriend was my beat up hooker black eye blacked out teeth and baby powder all over her face for coke

I dressed up as Bob Ross. The hippie painter, everyone loved it, I had the easle and paint brush saying in that soft voice, lets paint some happy trees

mini skirt and bikini top.... i was a bikini barista.

Movie would be The Strangers and I'm dressing as a garbage man Red the chicken man

Was going to go as Lucy but Steve kept trying to get me to eat peanut butter on some stick...

Watched all 3 paranormal activity movies. I was the green lantern, my bf was wolverine (; Elise, Seattle

Hey its Laura from Bothell! One movie I always watch for halloween is hocus pocus! Its not scary but how can someone not watch it for halloween!

Earnest scared stupid!!

Here’s a real heart warming Halloween story…OK, maybe not…but this is freaky as all hell:

A 17-year-old girl working at a haunted house is in critical condition after accidentally HANGING herself last Thursday. It was at a place called Creepyworld in Fenton, Missouri. She'd only been working there for two days, and was scaring guests in what was supposed to be the haunted house's master bathroom. There was a bathtub with a noose hanging above it. Police aren't sure what happened, but they think she climbed onto the bathtub and put her head through the noose, to make people think she'd hanged herself. Then they think she slipped, and ended up hanging herself for real. Customers were going through the haunted house at the time, but no one reported that there was a hanging victim in one of the rooms. A co-worker found her hanging unconscious. Now she's in critical condition. Yikes!!! I can’t fault the people going through…I’ve been through a few haunted places, and the people that are the actors really do a good job selling what they are doing.

So BJ and I were in Dallas, and it was a great time! We were there for a radio convention, and while there we went to a Dallas Stars game, as the timing was perfect since they played my favorite team…The New Jersey Devils. Sadly the Devils lost. While at the hotel, every night we ended up at the bar in the hotel, and every night there were real life hookers in the bar…I’m not kidding! Granted, I didn’t ask them if they were “Ladies Of the Evening”, but when you show up to the bar alone…wearing a mini-skirt that goes maybe 2 inches down from the “vag”, and have super fake long nails….and gigantic high heels….I’m guessing “whore”! I learned a valuable lesson…my enthusiasm about prostitutes in the bar did not translate well when I called my wife later that night. Call me nuts, but she didn’t see the novelty when I called and said “Hun…there are whores in hotel bar…how cool is that?” Her response was great: “Um, why is that cool?” Call me immature, I just found it fascinating that they were there…it was interesting though, BJ & I were wondering why they weren’t booted from the hotel, but we observed how they operated…they didn’t approach a single person, and sat there, playing on their phone, waiting for someone to approach them. I never saw anyone go up to them, except for one radio chick that went up to them to compliment one of the hookers on her choice of shoes…that was rather entertaining.

On the way home from Dallas, the guy next to me was flying for the first time in his life…he was from Dallas but his sister moved to Seattle 2 years ago, so he was visiting her for the first time. He is 34 years old! Wow…I thought that was crazy that he never flew until yesterday. Based on this…what ordinary experience have you never done...or what is something that you recently did for the first time that is surprising to people when they find out? Here are some texts we got:

Im 27, grew up in the country and have never rode any type of motorcycle

i finally went too disneyland last year when i was 21 - from adakin

Dan in actually doing 2 things that most people have done already. Going to Vegas for the first time and getting my first tattoo in December

I'm 30 and financed a truck, I've never financed ANYTHING in my life

I'm 21 and have never left washington state let alone get on a airplane!! Rachel G from Renton

Im 27 and ive never gone sking or snowboarding

I am 33 and will be going to my first concert this sunday Richard B. Riley

Finally gave in and got facebook.

I'm 27 and never driven a manual car

I'm 22 and hadn't ate a twinkie until about a year ago and i could of gone my whole life without and been happy -from tali

For some reason people are REALLY surprised when I tell then I'm 30 years old and have NEVER tried a drug in my life, never smoked a cigarette!!! I thinkthe surprise factor comes from the stereotypes associated with the tattoos and piercings I have.

Oo so.. Gave up willing to change tired..

I am 32 and i had gummi bears for the first time yesterday. those little drops of goodness are awesome! jon from puyallup.

At 29 I have never been in a fist fight. Just never had the luck I guess...

Im 21 and never been 2 a seahalks game

Today's Video Blog features the Rev & Hot Kyle showing off their Halloween we check out what some celebs dressed up as over the weekend.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 10/31/11 "Happy Halloween"
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