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STP's BLOG 10/31/12 "Happy Halloween"

 I’m at work this morning, and the first thing I see is this:


How can it not be a great day? Happy Halloween y’all! Is it bad that I am hoping it rains all day so that no one comes to our door and I get to keep all the candy to myself?

MEGADETH singer DAVE MUSTAINE says his doctors discovered that he had some vocal cord damage . . . so he went to a specialist last week. He says the issue doesn't require any surgery, and is treatable, with some adjustments to his, "exercise, diet, and eating habits." He adds, "I started drinking Aloe Juice, and I have to cut out some things I like. Coffee is one of things . . . I'm [also] bummed about no chocolate (I love chocolate!), and tomatoes (no spaghetti or pizza)." On an apparently unrelated note, Dave also says he wants to cut back on . . . PROFANITY. He says, "I'm really embarrassed by how much I swear or swore on stage and in interviews.

So Dave Mustaine has to give up coffee, chocolate, and tomatoes due to some minor vocal cord damage ...based on this, finish this sentence: "I wish I didn't have to, but I had to give up _____." Here are the texts we received:

I wish I didn't have to give up sex, but I got married. Haha

I had to give up drinking so my GF wouldn't quit “grooming herself”

Wish I didn't have to but - I had to give up mochas BUT. in there place the wife says I can buy a box of ammo per mocha I give up. Maybe that's still a win win.

I wished I didn't have to but I had to give up drinking for a few years because I had terrible reflux and heartburn issues (I'm early forties now). Then they found a large tumor in my abdomen, I had it removed and now I can drink again no problems!!

I wish i didnt have to give up sex but i got married so i had to.

My ex fiance's giant hooters

I had to give up nude modeling due to my girlfriend and boyfriend getting possesive. I am now a single woman on the scene haha

I had to give up Smoking pot when I got married

I did the poke lady night! Works great. The wife was like... What is that?!! Oh ok!! Screw foreplay! STP is awesome! MJ.. Tacoma

This morning BJ read a story that says over half of married woman say that they want more sex, and 70% of men say they want more sex too…this sounds like a communication issue. I bet the guy doesn’t want to be the dude that demands sex so he waits for the wife to initiate…and then the woman wants to be “romanced” so she waits for the man to do something…so basically both are waiting, and no one is initiating! I proposed this today…I said all guys listening that are married needs to make a pact…tonight we INITIATE! I suggested that while spooning that you should “poke” her. BJ didn’t understand…I said it’s like poking someone on the shoulder…only it’s not a finger doing the poking, and you are not poking a shoulder. BJ thought this was nuts, but based on the texts…it might not be as crazy as he thinks! Here are some texts we got:

STP the poke works i try it from time to time

The poke is a great move and works flawlessly! If it wasn't that time of the month it would have worked this morning. Hell, half the time she backs up for the reverse poke.

Lol go Steve! I do that when my woman is sleeping , lol works everyone time

Steve, the poke always works for me!

My wife hates the poke method. I've attempted it several times, the last time it didn't turn out so good for my manhood. She wants to be romanced. -Marlow-

Hey, don't knock the poking, it works! Keep it up STP! -Brandon, Tacoma

The Internet Movie Database . . . ( . . . has put together a list of the Top 10 Horror Movies. It's based on votes and ratings from IMDB users.  So this list includes a lot of movies you don't see on most Top 10 horror movie lists.
Here it is . . .

1.  "The Shining",  1980
2.  "Alien",  1979
3.  "Shaun of the Dead",  2004
4.  "Psycho",  1960
5.  "Cloverfield",  2008
6.  "Zombieland",  2009
7.  "Saw",  2004
8.  "The Exorcist",  1973
9.  "28 Days Later",  2002
10.  "Sweeney Todd",  2007

What would you put on the list? Here are the texts we got:

House of 1000 corpses

By far .... texas chainsaw massacre! Leatherface! I still get a little chilled on firewood collecting season when I here that chainsaw fire up! Darcie in port angeles.

Nightmare on Elm Street, the first one that was made.

The saw movie that was crazy when it came out and still to this day it creeps me out

I think that new cabin in the woods is probably one of the best ones I've seen.
Shaun of the dead!

"Club Dread" is the best horror movie.

The exsorcism of emily rose . Crazy scary i didnt sleep at all that night. Should be top three at least.

Actually, pretty much anything with Sandra bullock is pretty horrifying.

The Blair Witch Project. That movie scared the hell out of me when I was a youngster

Childs play scared the crap out of me. I had a my buddy doll at the time. After that movie i had to smash its face and throw it away.

Today’s Video Blog features BJ’s reaction to the Rev’s sweet Halloween costume!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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10/31/2012 8:57AM
STP's BLOG 10/31/12 "Happy Halloween"
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