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STP's BLOG 10/31/13 "Beast Mode on E:60"

Did  you catch the E:60 special on Marshawn Lynch on ESPN?  It’s amazing.  I already loved Beast Mode, but I love him even more after watching this.

Speaking of sports…Props to the Red Sox, as they won the World Series last night.  BJ is obviously a happy camper…or as happy as he can be since he is such a miserable human being – waka waka!  I always love watching the celebrations of any championship game…as there are always memorable moments, and this was easily that moment!  Here is Erin Andrews interviewing relief pitcher Koji Uehara's Son…

I hope that the Mariners management looks at what happened to a team that went from worst to first and now have rings to show for it.  It can be done, hell…this Bo’Sox team was supposed to be a rebuilding team. 
Word just came out that Bryon Russell once challenged Michael Jordan to a one on one game…but MJ shot him down!  There has been a “friendly” rivalry between them since the NBA finals back in 98 when Jordan had that famous shot where he pushed off Bryon.  I think Bryon had ill will towards MJ due to Jordan’s 2009 Hall Of Fame acceptance speech where he said he could take Bryan any time anyplace.
Based on this…if you could go “one on one” with any celeb, who would it be, and what would you do (it doesn’t have to be a sport)? Here are some of the texts we got:

Yo bj, if I could I would have a "cocaine off" with charley sheen. Some crazy stuff would likely ensue!

Bonghits with Phelps Jay ;)~

Chris brown in a boxing match just cause hes a douche and deserves an ass beating

I would wanna sit in the back of a dark theater and have a race to the fimish line with Pee Wee Herman. Ted im Tacoma

Golf against Stephen Hawking. I suck at golf but pretty sure id win

I could go one on one with Miley Cyrus, i'd be a wrecking ball. Also, STP roll at Trapper's Sushi is excellent! 

Beer pong vs. Steve-o and Johnny Knoxville

I would like to play BJ Shea in a Magic the Gathering if I could challenge a celebrity

Get in the ring for one round with Iron Mike Tyson

One on one I'd Love to get into the WWE ring with CM Punk! Especially if it were here in Seattle or in his backyard in Chicago.

I would get in the octagon with Chuck the iceman Liddell...just for one round of course

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10/31/2013 7:41AM
STP's BLOG 10/31/13 "Beast Mode on E:60"
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