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STP's BLOG 109/29/12 "PAC-MAN & Queensryche!"

What a great weekend! I hope all of you had a good time…my weekend started off with a trip to Maris Farms with the wife to get a pumpkin, some warm cider, and get scared! Mission accomplished. I will post pix of the pumpkins soon…I forgot to take a pic, but here we are in the pumpkin patch:

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After we got our pumpkins, we did the Harvest Of Terror…so we shot zombies with paint ball guns in the Monster Safari, checked out the freaks in the forest with the Dark Hollow, and went through the haunted corn maze in the Reaping. It was a blast, the last day you can go in Wednesday (Halloween), do so if you have a chance!

Saturday night I got to live it up like a rock star wannabe, as the New Originals opened for Queensryche for a sold out show at the Snoqualmie Casino. What an awesome time…first off, the guys in Queensryche are seriously some of the coolest nicest guys…and all of them got a kick out of the fact that I was going to play drums while wearing this costume:

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Huge props to the kind people at the Snoqualmie Casino, they rented us gear for the show from SIR Rentals…and I got to rock the drums on this killer set:

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If I ever have extra cast, I want to buy this very drum set…I have played a lot of drums over the years, and these were the best set of drums I have ever put a stick to!

Speaking of drums, I got to see up close Scott Rockenfield’s drums…I love the wrap on his drum shells….

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After our set…I got to do something that I have been looking forward to from the minute we agreed to play this show – hit the awesome buffet at Snoqualmie! Crab, Crab, Crab, and more Crab legs…oh and a lobster tail (or two) as well!

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Yesterday stunk…the Hawks, and my hockey team, the Tacoma Donkeys lost. But even though we lost…at least we didn’t sport these for uni’s:

Sure the Steelers won, but man those are some awful throwback jerseys. I guess they wore these in the 30’s, whoever designed them must have been blind…I question any Steeler’s fan that decides to fork over at least a hundred bucks to get this throwback. We got a couple great texts regarding what they wore yesterday:

Steelers jerseys. Throw up not throw back.
Big Ben in prison stripes

"Sports Illustrated"asked 180 NFL stars who the most overrated player in the league is.  And New York Jets backup QB TIM TEBOW was the clear winner, with 34%. Their starting quarterback MARK SANCHEZ tied for second.  He and Cowboys quarterback TONY ROMO each got 8% of the vote. They were followed by Philadelphia Eagles quarterback MICHAEL VICK, with 4% . . . and Baltimore Ravens linebacker RAY LEWIS, with 3%.

Based on this...and it doesn't have to be a football player...who or what do you think is overrated? Here are the texts we received:

Honey Boo Boo

Donald Trump beefing with the President. Pathetic!

Miami beach is completely overrated, $12 bud lights? No thank you!

Psy.. gangnan style Guy.

After yesterday I definitely think the Seahawks defense is overrated

Lady Gaga! I thought that bitch would have gone away by now.

Big boobs are over rated. My chicks big breast sag too much. A hand full is enough.

I think LuLu is overrated. I gave her a go one day and wasn't all that.

In a new survey, men ranked the seven biggest mistakes women make on dates. Here they are (in order from smallest mistake to biggest mistake ):

7. Jumping the gun. Asking questions that are too deep too early, like things about marriage, children, or what your future would look like together.

6. Saying "I don't have sex on the first date." Even if it's true, it puts the guy on the defensive and makes everything unnecessarily awkward.

5. Making it clear you're settling for him. Women should make it seem like they're actually excited to date a guy . . . and not just interested in him for 'relationship material' because he's safe, normal, or boring.

4. Giving out too much information. Save some of the stranger personality quirks until you've been on a few dates.

3. Lazy self-promotion. The guy feels a lot of pressure to "sell" why he's a good catch . . . and doesn't like it when the woman feels like she doesn't have to do the same. Just sitting there, being a woman, isn't enough.

2. Making it too easy. Give hints that you like the guy . . . but don't be too obvious with it. Set yourself up as a challenge.

1. Talking about an ex-boyfriend. It will almost ALWAYS be perceived that you aren't over your ex and aren't ready to move on.

Based on this, finish this sentence: "I knew this date was doomed when he/she did BLANK." Or...when were you the one that led to the date being doomed? Here are the texts we got:

It was a bad date when her boyfriend showed up but it got weird when he wasn't mad and they wanted to know if I wanted to come to there place that's were I drew the line for the date. from Cody

I knew the date was doomed when he was texting the whole time. Even when the waitress brought us our food. Never went on a second date.

For a first date, she took me swing dancing, told me to dance with other people all night and not just her, then talked for a half hour about her cervix

Date was over when she did a bump of coke off of her kid's favorite book in the car before a movie

She asked to bring her 8 month old baby along on the first date

When we were getting ready to go into a hot tub and he was wearing tighty whiteys and had a hairy back. That's a deal breaker

date was doomed when I saw her cankles through her skinny jeans. Hit it and quit it.

when she said she didn't want to use a rubber before we even met

Date was over when he cut off the tip of his finger while cooking! THEN couldn't find the tip in the food.

When the question of asking me how many girls I had been with so i asked how many guys she had and replied with I don't know!?

Today’s Video Blog features Queensryche during sound check on Saturday night at the Snoqualmie Casino. I was standing next to Ryan Castle when they launched into “silent Lucidity”, and I looked at Castle and said “How awesome is this?” Here is a snippet of it, featuring new lead singer Todd La Torre.
Listen to the BJ Shea Morning Experience on 99.9 KISW Seattle.

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10/29/2012 7:18AM
STP's BLOG 109/29/12 "PAC-MAN & Queensryche!"
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