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STP's BLOG 11/01/12 "No Costume...No Candy!"

Yesterday was Halloween…it’s a day that my wife and I look forward to as we love being greeted by Trick Or Treaters. Or as I call it…the one day where I will actually answer the door if someone rings the doorbell.

We bought a ton of bags of candy, and it wasn’t enough…at 7:45 pm, I had to run over to Top Foods to get more candy. I do have one complaint…and I direct this to the 40-something-year-old woman that thought she could sneak in with a group of kids that were getting candy…I’m on to you woman! Yeah my wife gave you candy as you tried to hide your face and stick your pumpkin bucket our way…but I made eye contact…I hope you sleep well with a stomach full of Whoppers and Nerds, knowing that you are playing a kids game. Plus she has no costume on! I would give her a pass if she at least dressed up…unless she was in costume, playing a pathetic adult trying to get her sweet tooth fix. Props to Manny, who emailed me this awesome door mat…I need this next year…


This was our pup Lulu’s first Halloween, and she LOVED it! She loved barking at the door, meeting new people, and wearing a costume:

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She enjoyed it so much that she was sitting by the door waiting for kids to come to the door.

In a new survey, just under HALF of single women admit they KEEP HAVING SEX with their ex-boyfriend or ex-husband while they look for other guys to date. Here are the top five reasons women go back to their exes for more action:

1. They miss the physical intimacy.
2. They're hoping to reignite the relationship.
3. They drank too much.
4. They started flirting again on Facebook.
5. They randomly bumped into each other on a night out, and, quote, "it seemed like a good idea."

Based on this…do you still hook up with your ex? Did you ever hook up with your ex? Why? Here are the texts we received:

I have been for the last 6 months. He knows what I like, and I don't emotionally have to care after...

Its familiar and easy, no surprises. I hooked up with my ex so often that we got married again.

Tried to hook up with my ex then found out that she was getting married to a guy she knew less than a couple of months and thats why she left me. I think I dodged a bullet with that girl

I used to have sex with my ex just because she was a georgeous woman regardless if we were together or not I couldn't help it

Some people because the assurance of no stds and not having to wrap the unit - t rev

HELL NO!!!! Dump the a****** for a reason. Why go back to something that was bad? Doesn't matter how good sex is, it's still drama. And I don't need drama in my life.

I hooked up with my ask cuz he keep asking probably cuz his current gf wasn't giving it to her like I did!

To keep my numbers low

I have a boyfriend and I still sleep with my ex husband

Absolutely! You wouldn't quit your job without another job lined up.

A new survey asked women how they'd spend their PERFECT day. It includes:

8 hours of sleep
75 minutes of eating
68 minutes of both TV and exercise
57 minutes on the phone
A 46-minute nap
Only 46 minutes taking care of the kids
And 36 minutes of work.

Based on this, finish this sentence… “My perfect day would include _____.” Here are the texts we got:

Reading the winning lotto numbers while getting a “certain act done to me” eating bacon driving down the freeway

My p day would be 10 sleep 6 work 2 eating 6hr doin your wife or mom
Lots of sex and five guys after

My perfect day would include hangin with STP. Our personalities are freakishly similar and I think itd be a load of laughs. Toppy can come too.

My perfect day would include an uninterrupted Star Wars marathon. All six movies
My perfect day has Voulas for breakfast, Salumi for lunch, Brouwers for dinner, and my wife for dessert. -​Bjorn

My perfect day includes 420-​24/7

My perfect day would be my husband coming home from deployment and fucking all day to make up for 13 months lol. -​Jordyn in Tacoma

My perfect day is coming up soon, Dec8. Going to UFC on FOX 5 and have great seats. Doing some heavy lifting consumption that day. Painterguy D Seattle

One free two hour session at the Bunny Ranch.

My perfect day would be watching the Edmonton Oilers winning The Stanley Cup! Maser the penalty box guy.

Today's Video Blog we attempt to settle an important debate...which is better: Original twix, or Peanut Butter Twix?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:


11/01/2012 7:46AM
STP's BLOG 11/01/12 "Candy!"
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