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STP's BLOG 11/01/13 "Mono Nick's song: Seahawks"

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Mono Nick was inspired by all the Hawks parody songs that other radio shows have made, so he decided to write his own.  It's an ode to the Seahawks to the tune of Lorde "Royals".

Here is the same video for the iPHONE users:

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11/01/2013 9:12AM
STP's BLOG 11/01/13 "Mono Nick's song: Seahawks"
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11/03/2013 12:43PM
Thats one of those "so bad its good" tunes. I will keep playing that in my house makinh everyone want to kill me. Nice job mono nick
11/06/2013 3:48PM
Let me do it!
Hey, guys, if you want to make it Sound good, let me sing it! You won't even have to pay me. It'd be fun. I'll keep it on the beat And in tune. No offense, Nick...well, not too much. For real. (I don't want to put contact info here, though. I think this is public.)
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