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STP's BLOG 11/02/11 "Pen Is Mightier Than The Pencil"

The pencil stabber is at it again…man this guy cracks me up.   Remember the dude from Everett that stabbed his lawyer with a pencil back in May…only to get a new lawyer, and stab that guy with a pencil a few days later? Well yesterday he stabbed his new layer…only this time he used a pen…I guess to make it more permanent! Waka Waka.   What a nut case…could you imagine being in the courtroom when this happened? This guy is nuts! Keep writing utensils away from him already!
During sports, I reported that former Huskies QB Mark Brunell is broke! This is nuts…he played for the Jags in the NFL for 8 seasons…made over 50 million bucks, and due to bad investments & lawsuits, he is a broke fella. I can’t believe this. Look, I know you have children to feed & a lawn to mow…but how do you blow 50 million bucks? That seriously takes effort! I guess he invested in real estate, and also a burger joint. do you fail at a burger joint? Call it Brunell’s Burger Joint…it would be a hit in Jacksonville…Ok, apparently not…as he is broke. The funny part is that here is a guy that played in the NFL & made a ton of cash…only to piss it away…and then you have Ryan Leaf, former WSU QB, who never made it in the NFL and battled addiction…yet I read that he still has a lot of the money that he got when he signed with the Chargers back in the day. So this guy, who was all hopped up of stuff, yet was still smart with his money…and Brunell is broke? Makes me scratch my bald head. We got a great text regarding this story:
Leaf has his money and brunell is broke? Who coug'd it now?!!? go cougs!!!!!

HUGE thanks to Jason Bonham for joining us this morning.  Jason joined us to chat about the 40th Anniversary of Led Zeppelin’s IV…an album that came out November 8th 1971.  Jason has a great tribute band called Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin’s Experience where they not only play the music that his dad played drums on (John Bonham), but he also shares stories about the band too.  He was an awesome interview…we learned some great stories about his dad, Led Zep in general, and we also learned that he is hung like a horse.  During the interview he was in the middle of a text exchange with Robert Plant…how awesome is that!   Here is his band playing a classic track off of Led Zep’s 4th record…Black Dog:


Looking back at that record…I forgot how awesome of a album it is….check out the track list…classic song after classic song after classic song!!!!

Side one

1. "Black Dog" 

2. "Rock and Roll"     

3. "The Battle of Evermore"    

4. "Stairway to Heaven"     

Side two

5. "Misty Mountain Hop"    

6. "Four Sticks"     

7. "Going to California"     

8. "When the Levee Breaks"    

He shared a great story about when they recorded the final track “When The Levee Breaks” where John set the drums up in a hallway, and that’s where they kept the drums for the recording…the swagger on that opening drum part is amazing.

We got this text after the interview:

I love when the levee breaks! I had sex in the shower listening to it, so everytime i hear it, brings back gooood memories

We got these texts as well based on the interview:

WHAT A STUD! Thanks guys n thanks Jason!!! You guys know about the Led Zeppelin bridge in Renton?

That was one of the best interviews you guys have ever done, awesome. -Marshall from Lynnwood-


According to the Great Place to Work Institute, Microsoft is the best place to work in the world. They credited Microsoft’s focus on volunteerism, the work-life balance of its employees, and the health benefits those employees are offered. Rounding out the top five were SAS, NetApp, Google, and FedEx. Four of the top five places to work were software companies. The CEO of the Great Place to Work institute told USA Today that all the high-ranking firms on the list shared three traits: employee trust in management, pride in the company, and camaraderie with colleagues.I’m not surprised that Microsoft topped the list…BJ & I have been to the campus, and it’s awesome…seriously, it’s like a college campus for adults!
Microsoft has been named the best place to work in the world…based on this…what’s the best place you have ever worked at…or….what’s the worst? Here are the texts we got:
the best place I have ever worked is where I am working right now, at Chi Psi fraternity as the head chef. It is an awesome job, I am the only one in charge, no politics or childish games. The best part though is all the college ass walking around. These babes where next to nothing and the clingiest pants I have ever seen. Can you say Camel Toe all over the place, god I love College life,,lol.
At a fast food place… hookin up with the manager and free food all day:):) oh yea and they offer medical benefits and will pay for college, thats if u dont get caught hookin up with manager in driive thru room haha
Strip club!!!! Duh, great view :)
Deja vu is best and HONEYS was the worst
Best job ever. I was a range safety officer at a local gun range. Shot assualt rifles with local celebrities including 10 former/current sea hawks
Worst is working in the sawmills. Im at work freezin my balls off. From: Aaron the cowboy
Telemarketing – awful
Fast food was the best placed I've ever worked. Free food everyday and toke it up with the manager behind the store. Alex.
Kat from shoreline. Worst place was coffee place just how customer is always right even if theyre wrong. Best was big 5 sporting goods coworkrs make it fun.
Worst: door to door vacuum sales. Best: Firefighter -Ryan
Best place ever to work as a roadie for pornstars. Got paid to travel, free room and board, and awesome side benefits. 
Today's Video Blog is an Intern Challenge. Our intern Hot Kyle has 60 seconds to get a hot chick to give him her phone number. Do you think he will do it?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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11/02/2011 6:50AM
STP's BLOG 11/02/11 "Pen Is Mightier Than The Pencil"
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