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STP's BLOG 11/02/12 "AC/DC -- We Salute You!"

Yesterday was a great day, our boss…Sgt. Hairclub …found an awesome rare interview with AC/DC where Brian Johnson is rocking our “colors” – check it out!

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The funny part is that isn’t the only time he wore a KISW shirt…we have this picture hanging in our hallways here at The Rock:

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Yesterday was also awesome as my beer league hockey team, the Tacoma Donkeys ( won our game 12-1! A huge win is a great reason for our mascot “D.P.” to slam a silver bullet…AKA “Donkey juice” back!

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British music magazine NME put out a list of the most popular funeral songs…Number one is Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”…here is what else made the list:

20. Eva Cassidy - "Songbird"
19. Westlife - "Flying Without Wings"
18. Righteous Brothers - "Unchained Melody"
17. Eva Cassidy - "Fields Of Gold"
16. Daniel O'Donnell - "Danny Boy"
15. Louis Armstrong - "Wonderful World"
14. Luther Vandross - "Dance With My Father"
13. Monty Python - "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life"
12. Whitney Houston/Dolly Parton - "I Will Always Love You"
11. Tina Turner - "The Best"
10. Nat King Cole - "Unforgettable"
9. Celine Dion - "My Heart Will Go On"
8. Vera Lynn - "We'll Meet Again"
7. Gerry & The Pacemakers - "You'll Never Walk Alone"
6. Westlife - "You Raise Me Up"
5. Robbie Williams - "Angels"
4. Eva Cassidy - "Over the Rainbow"
3. Bette Midler - "Wind Beneath My Wings"
2. Sarah Brightman/Andrea Bocelli - "Time To Say Goodbye"
1. Frank Sinatra - "My Way"

Many of these songs are sad songs that tug on your heart-strings…I say NO to that. What I would like, and please bookmark this so it can be read again after my passing, is for on eye to be shut and the other open (like I am winking) and the sweet sounds of LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It” being played.
Based on this…when the time comes, what song do you want played at your funeral? Here are the texts we received….

Life is beautiful by Sixx a.m. and see you in hell by Grim Reaper

My uncle answered questions in a fwd email one question was what song do u want played at ur funeral he said hwy to hell so that is what was played

Warrior call by Volbeat samurai Jordan

"Stairway to Heaven", then "Highway to Hell" right afterwards

Love, Rein o're me... The pearl jam version.

Another one bites the dust would be my number 1 pick.

At My dad's funeral last year we played the Caddy Shack song "I'm alright" it was perfect because he wanted people to be happy, And to know that after being sick with MS for so long that he was finally in a better place. Hegwood in Burlington

Man in the box -Alice in chains

Bj's funeral song: Darth Vaders entrance music from Star Wars

Metallica fade to black. The beer hauler

Time of your life by green day is one of the best songs for a fuberal. I hope they play it at mine

My buddy had cemetary gates by pantera and his parents were cool with it.

Type o negative. Every thing dies.

During Listeners On The Loose we got a great text based on the fact that we are celebrating BJ's 13th Anniversary on the air in Seattle tonight at the Back Stage Bar And Grill in Tacoma from 7-9pm:

Hey good morning BJ and the crew of the BJ experience in the morning At the station of KISW, BJ congrats on 13 years on the airwaves in Seattle the first time I heard your obnoxious voice was saying to myself who is this whiny bitch, But I stuck with you, Although I do remember the couch in the buzz years. Again BJ congrats on 13 years listener from Olympia Brian so my question is to your listeners what is the best moment that they remember from you in the past 13 years or what they learn?

Here are some texts we got to answer this guys question:

What i loved is the honesty. The one show where the host will actually say my bad i messed up. A lot.

As a woman... It (STP’s poke method in the sack) does work. Amy

The poke worked for me last night . Kyle in oly

I think the best thing to come from your show is....... #BLD!

Candy Cane Emily!

I tried the poking thing to my wife when we was spooning. Steve's right. After a few pokes she stuck out her butt and yep

My favorite moments are Rev's "Back to you!"

Best moment when bj got suspended and thrown off the air....he came back...haven't been able to stop listening....congrats bj

Yo BJ, my favorite moments of your show was when you would get so pissed at RR and play he cricket noise

I still remember listening to Steve every morning before school when he was with Andy Savage on The End. The reason I started listening to your show was because I heard his familiar squaking voice...of which HAS improved. Every morning, I am reminded of my childhood. Love you guys. (smiley face)

If you were wanting to check out this interview where Brian Johnson of AC/DC is wearing the KISW shirt…here it is…straight from 1983:


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11/02/2012 8:41AM
STP's BLOG 11/02/12 "AC/DC -- We Salute You!"
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