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STP's BLOG 11/03/11 "Win But Lose"

Wow…what a great game last night for the Sounders…sadly it was not enough though. This is why Soccer confuses me. Last night was game 2 of the playoffs for them…they won 2-0, and yet…despite winning…they were booted out of the playoffs. Why you ask…well, because they lost to Real Salt Lake on Saturday 3-0, and in the playoffs they play 2 games and the combined, aggregate, score is what determines who moves to the next round. So even though they won 2-0, that’s not enough…they needed to win 4-0 so that the aggregate score would be 4-3. A texter said that they do this to eliminate any kind of home field advantage…I call STUPID on that rationale. Let the better team have home field advantage & play a best of 3 series. Between that, and all the random tournaments happening in the middle of the MLS season (US Open, CONCACAF, etc), I just don’t get soccer…it makes my brain hurt…I will stick with hockey. One thing I do know about soccer is that Kasey Keller rules. Congrats on a great career buddy, 21 years playing pro, and you came home to wrap up the final years of your career…plus you had a sick save in the 80th minute of last nights game. You are the man, Kasey, the man!!!!

In a recent interview, the daughter of Ozzy & Sharon, KELLY OSBOURNE, says, quote, "Having to tell my parents my ex-fiancé Luke had cheated on me with a tranny was so humiliating. She said, "It's hard enough to get your head around someone cheating on you . . . but when that someone is a chick with a [penis]? I'd always thought the worst way to get cheated on would be with an ugly girl."
Based on the fact that Kelly’s family learned that her ex cheated on her with a tranny…what is the oddest thing that you found out about a family member…or…what is the oddest thing that your family learned about you? Here are the texts:
just learned recently that my 19 year old sister was a stripper
My grandma came out of the closet after her 65th birthday and now she lives with a woman she met at church
Hey its jordan in port orchard. The strangest thing i ever learned from my cousin was that she likes beiber. she was quickly disowned.
I found out my wife. Was sleeping with my sisters husband!
It's always fun to find out a group of your friends was involved in a group sex with your sister!!
I found out my dad was a white supremicist when he walked in on my having fun with a black chick.. what a surprise
Haven't seen my cousin for a year and a half and just learned he's on trial for a double murder.
Found out my dad and his brother are cross dressers... Then both my sisters and lesbians. No im not gay and dont cross dress. Josh in lake stevens
I found out in the worst way on how my brother was gay. I walked in his room and he was having sex with another guy.

According to a new study, the average household stores $5,500 worth of junk in their garage… What is something you can’t part with that most people consider junk? Or…what does someone you live with own that you consider junk? Here are some of the texts we received:
My wife refuses to get rid of her tv. We've never used it, because we have three, and it's so old that the only hookup it has is screw-in cable.
About 5000 baseball cards giv or take a couple hundred
My husband has a scorpion tail in a jar that he's had since he was a kid. Wtf are you saving that for?
My wife refuses to get rid of her tv. We've never used it, because we have three, and it's so old that the only hookup it has is screw-in cable.
My wife has, not joking, three ceramic urns full of ashes from three cats she had before we even met. They stay carefully packed in a box in our basement
I keep a unopened old can of dip that was my grandpas. It's 9 years old.
I have a pro wrestling ring in my garage i havent used in 2 years but cant part with selling cause ive put about $4000 into
I still have TWO working betamax machines. :)
Today's video blog is short and to the point. it could be the dumbest, yet most awesome thing I have witnessed...while at the Dallas Stars vs. New Jersey Devils game in Dallas, Texas last weekend...BJ and I witnessed the best between periods entertainment.  They set up giant bowling pis...had a giant human slingshot...and fired a person on a sled off at the pins! The Seattle Thunderbirds hockey team needs to start doing this!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users. 

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11/03/2011 7:13AM
STP's BLOG 11/03/11 "Win But Lose"
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