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STP's BLOG 11/04/11 "Too Old?"

Here’s the email of the day…this stems from a story I shared the other day where I said I got my wife in the mood with this strategy:  One night we were in the bedroom, and I started jumping up in down like an idiot until my shorts fell off!!!  This led to some “fun” time, and BJ and the gang laughed at my stupidity…to which I gave this pearl of wisdom: “Make your woman laugh, and she will get in the mood.”  It’s really that simple…have fun with your woman, quit being miserable!!!!  Here is what Justin wrote:

Just wanted to thank you on the great tip to jump and make your pants fall down to get laid! I have only seen this chick for a couple time but decided to try it anyways and it worked! YOur a genius and thanks for the help!

It’s about time I am recognized for my genius!!!

BJ read this story to prove that the fact that he always forgets people’s names has nothing to do with his old age…but because he is busy.  According to a survey by the office products company Avery, the average person forgets 5 things a day…all because of our hectic lifestyles.  Here are the top ten things we forget most often:

1.  To return phone calls

2.  To reply to emails

3.  People's names

4.  Sending birthday cards

5.  Charging our phones

6.  Passwords to different websites

7.  Taking meat out of the freezer to defrost it

8.  Watering the plants

9.  Grabbing print-outs from the printer

10.  Taking out the garbage

In San Francisco, California, a guy was ticketed for driving in the carpool lane, and a local reporter named Stanley Roberts filmed it for his 'People Behaving Badly' segment.  The driver wasn't happy about being on camera and ripped the reporter. This is hilarious!

I love that this guy is rocking an Elmo shirt!!!!  "Fat Ass"

Former baristas Shirley Stagner and Tina Holcombe say they were laid off from the "Hot Java Hunnies" coffee stand in Kent because of their age. Stagner is 47, and Holcombe is 48. The baristas claim their boss wanted to get rid of them to hire younger chicks. The owner, Jim Honnies says age has nothing to do with it. Honnies says over the past couple of years, he's not making any profit and business trickled down to a third of what it was previously. The women filed an age discrimination claim. But the business has only two employees, and a business needs eight before the state will investigate.

Look…I’m not trying to be an insensitive jerk…but yes, you are too old to be a barista.  A barista, like many jobs, is a young persons game…you shouldn’t be that old and still doing it…and if the owner is telling the truth, obviously the clientele agree…business is going down…time to freshen up.  I like what one person texted in as a suggestion:

They need to open their own "Cougar Coffee" stand. Some people dig that

Based on the fact that these 2 baristas believe they lost their job because of their age…finish this statement…Whether it be a job or anything else in life, “I am…or…you are…too old to do ________.”

You are too old to be a stripper

To old to run a 1/4 Mile marathon.

Too old to wear an Elmo tshirt

I am too old to have sex with high school girls

Rev you are too old to play world of warcraft... Enough said...

I am too old to deflower virgins.

Wear tight clothes

i am to old to go trick or treat so i had a kid his name is shane in buckley steve can you give my son a shoutout mom and dad love you

My grandmother is way to old to be driving everytime i see her she has a new ding in her car i have a hard time beliving that a rouge shopping cart ripped her dent strip clean off the car

At 36, I am too old to play football. Like turkey bowl games and pick up games. Gotta worry abt being able to go to work too. Drew

My fiance says she's too old for the tounge ring I paid for her to get... so she took it out... bitch

I am to old to stay out till 2 in the morning and try to make it to work by 7. -TERRETTI

If youre over 20 yrs old, you're too old to enjoy watching wrestling.

I'm too old to tolerate you idiots and your logic

Today's Video Blog features Seattle Mariners broadcaster Rick Rizzs!  Rick joins us to chat about baseball, and his charity:


Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people.

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11/04/2011 7:53AM
STP's BLOG 11/04/11 "Too Old?"
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11/04/2011 10:17AM
Fat A**
What irritates me about this whole thing is what will come of it. Yes it was funny, but now that rude person will get popularity and actual reward (in one form or another) for getting caught breaking a traffic law. He'll likely get interviews and appearance offers in exchange for, at the very least, covering the cost of the ticket. Heck even BJShea said that guy should be snatched up to be a sidekick or personality on a radio show. BJSHEA often rants about how absurd our society is for rewarding people that do bad things, and what will likely come from this is just another example of that.
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