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STP's BLOG 11/05/12 "Thanks For Coming!"

Huge huge HUGE thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate BJ’s 13th anniversary of being on air in Seattle. We had a great time at the Backstage Bar and Grill in Tacoma on Friday night, and this pic I think sums our night up best…

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As you look at this, you probably have some questions…first and most importantly… “Can we see the Rock Girls in a bigger pic?” Yes, of course…

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And for those in the crowd, like Martin who posted this pic, this is what they saw:


You are probably wondering what Toppy was doing, he was dancing to Mono-Nick’s live version of “Ganja Style”:

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Tomorrow’s video blog will feature Nick’s performance, but to tie you over…here is Mono-Nick’s music video for “Ganja Style”:

Then on Saturday night I went to Rumble On The Ridge for some great fights at the Snoqualmie Casino. They do it right for these fights…a great card, hot chicks dancing in cages as the fighters come out…a great DJ spinning tunes, and super hot ring card girls.

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Plus…what better way to get ready to see some fights then to run into one of our Rock Girls, Amber:

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The weekend ended on a high note, as the Hawks won yesterday at home against the Vikings. Beast Mode was in full effect, and Russell-Mania ran wild on the Vikings “D”…my pup Lulu and I celebrated in our Hawks gear!

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Gene 'Bean' Baxter of 'Kevin & Bean' announced that he's donating a kidney to longtime KROQ DJ and chief engineer Scott Mason, who first underwent a transplant in 1999, and has been on dialysis since that kidney started to fail in 2010. Bean said he noticed Mason's poor health and offered his kidney!
This is just crazy…I jokingly said this morning that it’s just a bit & he’s doing it for rating, but in all honesty…wow…what a great human being. I would hope I would do something like this, but I don’t even want to loan BJ one of my DVD’s…let alone my KIDNEY!

Based on this story…what is the best thing that someone has done for you…or what’s the best thing you have done for someone else? Here are the texts we got:

Was given a place to live for a month, rent free, by people who barely knew me when I had nowhere to go. –Bjorn

I let my best friend nail my wife. From: bubba the love sponge

My best freind in the world was knifed in front of me. As he bled out and was close to death i used makshift suplies to give him my blood. When paramedics arrived they said i saved his life and that i need blood too

One time I gave somebody 1000 gold in World of Warcraft. Try to beat that level of nice.

I am currently in the process of being a gestational surrogate for my 28 year old sister battling cancer.

Gave my ex herpes

I drowned in a river n my friend looked 4me found me layin at the bottom dragged me out saved my life.july1978

when my late fiance died her dad paid for the funeral and gave me her ashes because he said i took the best care of her.. david target guy..tacoma

There was a lady and her kids in front of me at a grocery store and her card was declined and she had a lot of food up there. I walked up without saying anything and swiped mine and paid for her and walked away

NICKELBACK singer CHAD KROEGER says he once dared his drum technician to stick his junk in an ELECTRIC FAN.  The dare was worth $375.  And he DID IT. Chad tells "Men's Health", "We've always been very close to our crew, so we've had a lot of fun getting them to do silly, stupid things that could possibly cause them to hurt or injure themselves in some way. We were in Germany years ago . . . and we were just bored . . . there was a heat wave going on.  In a back room in the venue where we were playing, there was an old fan with a metal blade . . . and we paid the drum tech [$375 to] stick his johnson in the fan. He took the money. I can still hear the 'bleh-bleh-blehhhhhhh' of the blade slowly sputtering to a stop, and this blood-curdling scream.  It was fantastic.  Somebody has video footage of this somewhere that needs to be resurrected and shown at the guy's next birthday party."

So we had to ask…Looking back on your life...what is the dumbest dare you or someone else has accomplished? Here are the texts we received:

Was have Pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup) with some friends. We dared one of them, who always dressed and looked like Bon Jovi, to stick a slice if jalapeno pepper up his nose. He did and the rest if the night his nose burned so bad! It was funny but dumb.

I was dared to flip off a bridge into a river. Im afraid of heights and water but was wasted. I jumped 50+ times, I could barely breathe the next day from pain.

I was dared to do a senior prank. So i stole the "smith brothers cow" that was on top of a 20 ft tall sign in the middle of an intersection. Go class of 2012 from kentlake high school! from brady in bellevue.

In 8th grade I dared my friend Jason to punch this bee hive we found behind his shed, it was the size of a stung over 50 times I had to buy him pizza funniest thing ever

When I was 17 got dared to run to the gas station down the road from a party naked. Started with 20 bucks and soon ha gathered a bit more all said and done 150 bucks I Did it but had to hide in the bushs from a cop lookin for me all I had were my shoes

In high school watched a guy drink a tobacco spit bottle for 5$!!! Still makes me wanna puke when I think about it.

I worked at a gym for a while and one night after closing, I was dared to line up all the treadmills, set em to full speed (20mph), hold the rails and lower myself on to the first belt. I sailed across the treads at 20mph for about 80 feet. Still have scars on my back from where they cut me.

Today's video blog features some of the fun we had at the Backstage Bar and Grill in Tacoma for the 13th Anniversary of BJ Shea being on the air in Seattle. It features some of our hot Rock Girls!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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11/05/2012 8:41AM
STP's BLOG 11/05/12
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