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STP's BLOG 11/06/12 "Vote Pudding!"

Today is the day…it’s election day! What does this mean…it means that after today, we can get back to normal on the Facebook and I can read about what you had for lunch, as opposed to your “deep” post about the election. I think I am staying off Facebook today, you are no better than the people that go door to door trying to get you to switch your religion. When has that worked? When has a Facebook status update changed someone’s mind? I’m guessing never. We get it…you have your finger on the pulse of politics…now shut up and post a picture of your sandwich.

I mentioned this morning that I would much rather see someone post “I like pudding, pudding is delicious. I put whipped cream on my pudding.” No joke…less than one minute after saying that, I saw this posted on my Facebook:


I did get a kick out of this story we came across -- There are a few random state and local ballot measures you might want to keep an eye on too. Two of them could affect your sex life and drug use. Measure B in Los Angeles County is asking voters whether to require condoms AND dental dams in porno. If it passes, either your porno will become worse . . . or the industry will leave L.A. This doesn’t affect me…dental dam or not, I typically fast forward through that scene – waka waka! Washington, Oregon, and Colorodo voters will get to vote to legalize ALL marijuana, not just medicinal marijuana. The results here could be a sign for the future of legalization all across the country. Oregon fixes its spelling mistakes. Turns out Oregon's state constitution has some SPELLING errors. Voters will get to decide whether to fix things, like the way they spelled "independent" with an "a" at the end instead of an "e."

Being that today is Election Day, and many people are volunteering to help encourage people to vote as they are passionate about the candidates or the causes they are voting for or against...based on this, it doesn't have to do with politics...what is something odd that you are passionate about? Here are the texts we got:

Duck hunting, can't get up to make it to work but I'm up and out the door at 4am to go hunt those little bastards. Matt in seattle

I am passionate about toppy's laugh!

Chocolate milk. –DV

Collecting action figures

Steve's mouth, boy got a purdy mouth

Lazy ass people leaving shopping carts in parking stalls.

I'm passionate about veins on men the more I can see on their arms the more I'm turned on!

I'm passionate about taking pictures of roadkill and dead animals. -Brie from Snohomish

Cooking baking and homebrewing. Yum...and sex

Infomercials I don't buy I just like watching them.

I keep spiders in jars. I am female.

A pizza delivery guy got back at a lady in Iowa that didn’t tip him by relieving himself on her door…he got busted by the surveillance camera and was subsequently fired! Chloe Teply said she didn’t tip due to being low on the dough, "It's just one of those things where unfortunately, I didn't have the money." Needless to say he was PISSED that he didn’t get a tip – waka waka! Based on this, finish this sentence: “I once got back at a customer by doing _____.” Or, “An employee got back at me for doing _____.” Here are the texts we got:

I work at a coffee place and if ur a jerk i will make ur drink decaf

Good way to get back at gross coffee stand customers....give them their coffee in decaf!! 5 shot espresso? Sure, wake up with this bitch.
My wife use to work/manage a fast food place... she once got back at a customer by filling the bottom 1/3 of a vanilla shake with horseradish... right color and thickness so they cant tell till they get mouth full of horseradish...
My 1st job was fast food, guy ordered a meal & I made burger wrong he brought it back I made it to what he wanted he brought it back again & wanted it like 1st time I made it!!! Spit a burger & he ate it, 3 times a charm!!! Bruce in gig harbor

Im a garbage man and very seldom do I get a tip so what we do is charge for extra all year long that way I get percentage of extras charges so maybe people should learn to tip the gman

I worked for a cable company, had a customer that was being a real Jerk right out the gate. So I cut her underground drop to her house without her knowing. She then had to wait almost two months before she could get cable and internet so a special crew could come and fix it.

When I was working at a fast food place a customer called me a retard so I threw a bean burrito and hit him in the face and my manager high fived me

I worked at a car wash and I detailed cars if they didn't tip me I would put armer all, all over the foot pedals! Hoping their foot would slip off trying to break! Or I would spray the pressure washer down the window seals so that whenever you rolled up the window it would always leave a water streak

Today's Video Blog features highlights from our 13th Anniversary party at the backstage Bar & Grill. Check out our hot Rock Girls in swimsuits, and a live version of Mono-Nick's parody of Gangnam Style by PSY -- Ganja Style!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users!


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11/06/2012 8:39AM
STP's BLOG 11/06/12 "Vote Pudding!"
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