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STP's BLOG 11/08/12 "Brent Amaker And The Rodeo"

This week on the STP-CAST, which is a podcast thet I do with Topshelf, The Rev, and Mono-Nick (and the douches that listen – the 5th Man), we had a good bud of mine on as a guest. My buddy Brent, is in a band called Brent Amaker and The Rodeo, and they came in to talk about their upcoming show at the Triple Door on Thanksgiving Eve , 11/21. This show sounds like a blast, and you can get tix at .

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Brent’s band is so beyond cool..they are described as Johnny Cash meets Devo…a band that you would see most likely in a Quenton Tarentino film. While in studio, they played a song that hasn’t been released…it’s called “Boots” – which will be on their next CD called “Year Of The Dragon”, out next year. Check it out:

Listen to the full podcast here:

I have to share this video they made for a song off their last album, “Please Stand By” – it’s my favorite song off that record, it’s called “Man In Charge”, and I can’t put into words how awesome this video is!

Get more info on the band at

On Thursday, police reported to a Starbucks in Florida after getting a call about a 29-year-old woman that was in the store . . . vigorously having her way with herself. When the cops got there, they found 29-year-old Jennifer Piranian at the Starbucks, still going to town down there. They also found a pipe in her purse covered in cocaine residue. Apparently they decided to waive any public indecency charges and just arrested her for drug possession and drug paraphernalia possession.

After talking about this story…we had to ask…whether it was by yourself or with someone…what was the most embarrassing place you were caught, or caught someone? Here are the texts we got:

I was caught squeezing my bananna in a camp ground shower stall when I was 14 by the park ranger because I forgot to lock the door. I almost died in that moment we shared the deer in headlights look at eachother.

I was in high school and my girlfriend and I were fooling around in the back seat of her car. We were busted by the park ranger. Good times!

The most embarrassing place I've been caught was at a friends bday party ... I was going at it with my gf in the restroom and my friends mom walked in onus... I was 18 at the time... We were so embarrassed we left the party immediately lol but it felt good... Haha rock on ... –Los

The most embarrassing acted I caught was a buddy of mine. Laying on his couch naked watching a porn on his 62 inch tv...door was unlocked so I just walked in...I should of knocked....LOL

Walked in on my aunt and uncle 69'ing ..... Coming home early was the worst idea ever!

My GF and I were caught by a Lk Stevens policeman in the Target parking lot. Luckily my wife never found out! ;)

There's a new website based on a conversation that happens to many couples. The husband does a basic chore, then brags about it. The wife tries to shut him up by saying, "What, you want a medal for that?"Well . . . now there's a new website called TheManMedals.Com. You can actually buy small medals to give to your husband for things like picking up dirty clothes, taking out the garbage, or changing the toilet paper roll. The medals cost $5 each. This is beyond stupid. Thant’s my 2 cents on this. But…it did lead to a fun topic…ladies…what would you give your man a “Man Medal” for? Guys…what do you deserve a “Man Medal” in? Here are the texts:

I deserve a man metal for putting up with my wife. the Geez

My man medal would be for pulling out! As I am 26 with no kids

I deserve a man medal for cooking. 3 meals a day for 2 people while we both work 40 hour weeks. I make food from scratch and often have wine or a homemade cocktail waiting for my wife since I get home first. –Bjorn

I am a single dad with 2 kids (7 & 4) one who happens to have autism I should get a man metal for being awesome

I deserve a man medal for fixing everything my wife breaks in out house.

Electronics, decorating crap, you name it I can and have fixed it. David in Bremerton

Sean the beer guy - I should get a man medal for knighting my wife. Also the up coming dong race if I win haha

Any and every man deserves a medal for going to the store to buy tampons. Is there anything worse? Gman Drew

Listening about your not real face book friends

I give my man Onehitwonder Wade a metal for being my super hero! He drives me and my kids everywhere and helps with everything!! --Wades Woman!!!
I would give my man a man medal for pleasing me in the bedroom! Kayty from Shelton

I once took a fat girl home from a bar so my buddy could sleep with her hot friend... If that doesnt earn me a man medal i dont know what does! #Sacrafice!

Today's Video Blog features Vicky B hitting the, get your head out of the gutter. On Tuesday night in Capitol Hill, people hit the streets to celebrate and party as Obama was re-elected as President, and it's looking likely that R-74 will pass in Washington...allowing same-sex couples to get married. Our very own Vicky B was there, and here is her report....

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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11/08/2012 7:47AM
STP's BLOG 11/08/12 "Brent Amaker And The Rodeo"
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