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Steve Migs Blog 02/10/16 "Thank You Daniel Bryan!"

If you aren't a wrestling fan…it's probably best if you just skip this one. I just wanted to thank Daniel Bryan for all he has done for wrasslin'. I am certain that he won't be reading this, but I had a full day to process what happened on Monday Night Raw, and I just wanted to blog about it.

 photo daniel bryan stands_zpsdkjktzf3.jpg

On Monday, just hours before RAW was going to be at the Key Arena, Daniel Bryan made it official that he was going to retire, as the concussions he's had over the years have made it too dangerous to go on.

So on Monday night, I was there… front row…watching with a packed house of Daniel Bryan fans, as he shared with us that it's time to hang up the trunks. Devastating? Yes. Inspiring? YES! YES! YES!

Here is his speech…

WWE Raw 2/8/16 - [8th February 2016] - 8/2/2016... by TheKingAnirbanHD

If by chance that video above gets pulled, here is the shorter version that the WWE posted, it's not as awesome as the full one, but still gives you a taste of what he said.

For those that don't know, Daniel Bryan is from Aberdeen…and over the last several years he has become one of the most popular, and the most IMPORTANT wrestler of the last decade.

 photo daniel bryan robes - Copy_zpsdmveunxf.jpg

Yes, I did not say one of the most important… there is no one else deserving of being in the category of importance when it comes to furthering the professional wrestling business.

 photo daniel bryan yes_zps02xv26tb.jpg

Daniel Bryan opened the eyes of not only mainstream wrestling fans, but also the eyes of the WWE that you don't need to look like a giant physical specimen – you don't need to look like Batista, Randy Orton, John Cena, etc in order to win over the love of the fans. He proved that an "indy" wrestler can make the jump to the "big leagues" and not just hold his own, but rise above everyone else.

 photo daniel bryan in ring - Copy_zpsc3gjinvn.png

I remember interviewing him on our show when he first joined the WWE…as part of the original version of the show, NXT… it was fun to talk to Bryan "The American Dragon" Danielson about his excitement to be given this opportunity. That still stands as one of my favorite interviews, because after that we have talked to him many times over the years and he has always been appreciative of our support.

 photo daniel bryan and migs - Copy_zpsbh6htkgl.png

Watching him rise and battle in the WWE to prove that he can be himself and thrive was an inspiration. He proved that hard work and being true to yourself pays off…it might take a little longer, but when it does pay off…it's beyond rewarding. I'll never forget watching him at Wrestlemania when he finally won the WWE Championship…it was the ultimate story book ending.

 photo daniel bryan classic pic - Copy_zpsy8tlcrfp.png

Sadly, that was the beginning of the end, as he was soon injured after that…and despite a few comebacks, he continued to battle injuries and concussions. He was just on ESPN, and went into more details about how bad his concussions are…where he has been dealing with seizures because of them.

Thank you Daniel for all that you did. I truly don't think guys like Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles…guys that are the future of the WWE…would have been given a shot had it not been for Daniel Bryan showing that a non-stereotypical wrestler can succeed and dominate in the WWE world. I don't think NXT would be what it is with "indy" darlings like Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, and more tearing it up down there.

 photo daniel bryan brie migs - Copy_zps2qmambwl.png

I've been lucky to have met Daniel a few times, always a great guy…and I have been lucky to have seen him wrestle many times, one of my favorites was his match against John Cena at Summerslam a few years ago in LA…where he won the championship (briefly).

 photo daniel bryan champ at summer slam - Copy_zps50klmq3j.png

I have to say though… my favorite memory is the one he mentioned in his retirement speech… it was at the Key Arena when he was in the ring for a segment that was supposed to be about Triple H, Randy orton, and other…but we, the fans took over that moment and made it about Daniel Bryan. I was yelling so loud that I lost my voice for the first time in my life.

I was so glad to be there for that moment….but even more glad that I was there for his retirement speech, and even had a chance to give Daniel a high-five after his speech!

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Steve Migs Blog 02/09/16 "The SHOT Show"

Today's blog will be a little different, but I found all of this super interesting and I have a lot of outdoorsy friends that I know will enjoy this.

A couple of my buds, Jeff and Mike were telling me about an event called the SHOT Show. What is the SHOT Show? SHOT stands for the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show. For all of my buds in the military, law enforcement, etc…this sounds like nirvana!

Jeff and Mike were planning on making the trip to the event (find more info on the SHOT Show HERE: and were hoping to cover it for my blog, and I thought it was an awesome idea.

I have to say… dang there are some cool things available for the outdoor enthusiasts, and in a world where us guys are being exposed to potential Valentine's Day gifts for our significant other… I thought it would be a great idea to show off some cool things that your man, or your woman, would love as a gift. Hell, these are things that you will want to just splurge and get for yourself. I am drooling over the watch that they show on the video… the MTM Vulture Watch. Check them out here:

Once thing about that watch… there is a slight error in the video. The watch seen on the video is actually in rubber, not nylon (but it does come in nylon), the light is only seen up to one mile away (not 5), and the biggest feature is that the light can detect blood unseen to the naked eye.

Enjoy the video, once again thanks to Officer Jeff Shepard and Mike Hockett for making this happen, thanks to Frazer Loveman for filming and editing the video, and huge thanks to the SHOT Show for allowing us access!

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Steve Migs Blog 02/08/16 "Vegas Baby!"

So over the weekend I went to Vegas…many assumed I was going to party in Sin City for the Super Bowl, but that wasn't the case…hell I watched the Super Bowl at the air port bar, and then on the plane. I was in Vegas for another one of those Draft Tournaments (hockey). This was my 4th one in the past year… easily the most fun time playing hockey and making new friends. This time around the team I was on didn't win the tournament; hell…we didn't even win a game! We went 0-4-1 (one tie), but still had a blast at the rink in Vegas all weekend. Plus we had a sweet view from our room at Treasure Island!

 photo draft view_zpslxc1yoyn.png

This one was no different than the other ones I have attended; I met and partied with some awesome people. Plus I got to rock the Senor Frog head on Friday night… Ok, I wasn't technically allowed to and was told that cannot happen again, but I got some pix with it on!

 photo draft me as frog_zpsmkajdodl.png

Here I am with my fellow Donkey, The Jay Mac…and the man behind the Draft Tournaments, Nick. If you ever listen to the Migs Cast, we have had Nick on a few times in the past. Plus he now hosts an awesome podcast about beer league hockey called " Beer League Talk".

 photo dac83bbb-31fd-4b1d-b192-51bbec94d322_zpsu2oixi2e.png

Here are a couple other pix from our weekend. The theme for the jerseys this time was the Village People, which is why my bud Chris showed up dressed like this… at least I think that's why he dressed up like this… hell maybe this is his "Vegas Attire"… Chris is one of the coolest and funny dudes… every time we are at the same tournament; we have been on the same team.

 photo 454122f9-fbc2-4e65-b9d5-d42f041d5d43_zpstvo79yrz.png

Clearly a lot of beer was consumed in a room full of beer league hockey players…

 photo draft beer_zpsm04kwx5x.png

Somehow, thanks to our bud "Swampy" (he's playing on my phone in this pic)…we ended up with a limo taking us around…

 photo draft limo_zpsd4ovbaed.png

Here I am with my bud Dave…just like with Chris, we have been on the same team every time we have attended the same tournament. Dave is an awesome fella, both him and his son Jack play in these tournaments, and I love hanging with them both! We ended up being on the "Biker Guy From The Village

 photo draft dave_zps6x6lroxh.png

I have no pix of us playing hockey (yet)…lets just say we love playing hockey, but that's not the main attraction…the main thing is having friends with new and old friends.

 photo draft 1_zpsgkyult8o.png

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Steve Migs Blog 02/05/16 "Panthers or Broncos?"

Up until now I was 100% rooting for the Broncos this Sunday – many of my buds are Broncos fans, and if the Hawks aren't in the game I will pick the team that most of my buds are a fan of. I'm a good friend like that. However…. HOWEVER… I watched Craig Gass's video he just put out of him at Super Bowl Media Week…and I have to say, if I was picking the team I want to hang out with the most… I would have to go with the Panthers. Both teams seem to have good dudes on it, but the Panthers players seemed to be having a lot of fun with Craig. Plus, I love the Creed moment! Check it out:

Speaking of football… did you see Marshawn Lynch yesterday? He was a part of 2 different things that were funny for different reasons… first off… he was featured on Conan. JUST LIKE LAST YEAR… Conan did a fun bit with a couple players in the Super Bowl. Last year it was Beast Mode and Gronk… this time Conan had the Denver Broncos' Von Miller & the Carolina Panthers' Josh Norman play Doom. They had a surprise guest…Marshawn Lynch!

Marshawn was also making news for addressing the rumors that he is retiring. A TMZ guy asked him, and his answer was priceless.

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Steve Migs Blog 02/04/16 "Jerry Rice - Lyft Driver!"

So this is how Steve doesn't get work done. It's all You Tube's fault. Yes, once again I fell into that worm hole of watching the suggested videos after watching something.

Today's example… I came across this hilarious video featuring Seahawks legend, Jerry Rice. I know, I know… Jerry was barely a Seahawk, but it's still funny that we can reference him as a Hawk.

Most remember Jerry from his time of being one of the all-time greats, playing for the San Francisco 49'ers. Well the ride app Lyft had him pose as a driver in San Francisco, and mess with the passengers. When he starts dancing with people, I was laughing out loud. Jerry seems like one cool dude!

So I then see that Lyft has done this before… they once did it with Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant.

I then come across one of the funniest things I have seen in a while. A bit that Conan did where he shared a Lyft car with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. I was in tears watching this.

The idea of celebrities going "undercover" is always fun to watch… and being a hockey fan, I had to click on this video and watch it. It's Ryan Kesler of the Ducks going "undercover"…

Finally… this is a video I have shared before, but it popped up while watching the Kevin Hart and Conan clip… I love this video because I have been on this roller coaster, and I love it. Here is Kevin Hart on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!

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Steve Migs Blog 02/03/16 "Rules On Contacting BJ"

BJ has the strangest rules sometimes. It's really impossible to keep up with all the odd stipulations that he has in life. This morning BJ was in a mood because someone didn't follow one of his rules when it comes to his phone/contacting him. The problem is that these rules that he has concocted are nowhere to be found as a reference. So I decided to help out BJ, and I am posting BJ's Contact rules.

Please refer to this if you are planning on reaching BJ.

When do you email BJ? You email him for stuff that doesn't need attention right away. You also email BJ when it's business related.

Facebook & Twitter: You use these when you want to say, as BJ stated, "What's up". This is the form of communication you use if you want to send him "dumb cat memes", etc.

Text: You only text BJ if you need an answer to something immediately. Otherwise Email him.

Call: You only call BJ if it is an emergency.

Facetime: If you aren't BJ's wife, you do not Facetime him. He expects that the person on the other line is naked…otherwise why would you Facetime him? Hence, why only his wife can do this.

I thought it was ridiculous hearing BJ list these rules on air…it's even more ridiculous to type them out.

What set him off was that someone used the Facebook "Call" feature where you can call someone through Facebook without knowing their number. I had to test it out this morning….

Today we found out that The Real BJ Shea doesn't like it when someone calls him via Facebook, so naturally we did just that... - Steve Migs

Posted by KISW 99.9 "The Rock" on Wednesday, February 3, 2016
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Steve Migs Blog 02/02/16 "Craig Gass At Super Bowl Media Day!"

Yesterday was media day for the Super Bowl, and one of the most talked about moments involved our bud, comedian Craig Gass... who had a "moment" with Peyton Manning of the Broncos...

Man that's awesome! OMAHA! Craig was quick to correct himself, as Alan Greenspan is NOT from Omaha. Criag wrote, "Oh, and can I point out that I meant Warren Buffet instead of Alan Greenspan? Not that I think anyone cares at this point, but I had a brain fart and switched up rich dudes in my head."

Here is Craig's view from that moment with Peyton...

Craig Gass has a GREAT idea for Peyton Manning

THANK YOU to everyone who made this moment go viral in the last hour! Here's how the whole thing with Peyton Manning unfolded.... LOTS more coming in the next couple of days!

Posted by Craig Gass on Monday, February 1, 2016

Craig always has some fun moments at the Super Bowl Media Day circus… a couple years ago he had this fiune moment with Russell Wilson…

Here are more fun highlights from the time Craig invaded media day when the Hawks were there!

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Steve Migs Blog 02/01/16 "Richard 'The Wrassler' Sherman"

Yesterday was the Pro- Bowl…for the first time in years I actually watched it. The reason being was that there were Seahawks actually playing in it. Props to Russell Wilson and Michael Bennett of the Hawks, as they were named Offensive MVP and Defensive MVP respectively! Michael Bennett was easily the MVD as well…Most Valuable DANCER!

The true MVP for me was Richard Sherman. Why is that? Because he was all about the wrasslin' at the Pro-Bowl. First off, he tried to give Clay Matthews an RKO Outta Nowhere!

And after the game… he jokingly gave Tyler Lockett a Stone Cold Steve Austin "Stunner"!

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Steve Migs Blog 01/29/16 "Goats Rule!"

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life.  For me… the simple things that make me happy are strange animal sounds.  From turtles getting it on, to parrots talking like Matthew McConaughey… I find great humor in it.
The one animal that always gets me is the Goat…the sounds they make are hilarious, and the face that accompanies it makes it even better. 

Today I was dragging ass coming into work… then I see this video and it woke me up quicker than a cup of coffee!  This is hilarious!

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Steve Migs Blog 01/27/16 "Billy Joel!"

This morning I talked about how pumped I am that Billy Joel is coming to Safeco Field on May 20th.  No joke, I LOVE Billy Joel.  Ok…love is a strong word, but I LOVE his hit songs… “Uptown Girl”, We Didn’t Start The Fire”, “Only The Good Die Young”, “New York Statew Of Mind”, and my all time favorite…

While we were talking about it, a texter brought up something from my past that involved Billy Joel…

“Wow you can't just gloss over Billy Joel cussing out Kid Steve!”
For those that haven’t heard the story… I was about 10 years old.  This was back in the day that you could go to an airport and wait for someone right by the door they come out of after getting off a plane.  My family and I were waiting for my Uncle to get off a plane from his trip to Club Med.  While we are waiting for him… Billy Joel comes off the plane.  I  was freaking out.  This was the very first celebrity I have ever seen.  I asked my parents if I could go say hi to him, and they said “sure”.  I run over to Billy Joel… look up at him… I say “Hi Billy Joel”.  Billy doesn’t stop walking…barely looks down at me and said “F*** Off Kid”, and keeps walking.  I was devastated.  When I got old enough to truly reflect on that story, I realized how incredibly AWESOME it was that Billy Joel cursed me out. 

After sharing this, we were flooded with texts from listeners that were also cursed out by a celebrity…here are a couple of my faves…
In the 90s at a wrestling show I yelled at Jim Ross and he told me "Suck my a**!"
Late 70's. I was cursed out by Johnny Cash.
I got cussed out by the dumbest band ever Sugar Ray – Big Hoffy
I got cursed out by Leonard Nimoy at a photo summit in 2002. Best day of my life!
When I was a kid I went to spring training for the angels and got cursed out by Andre Dawson from the Cubs
Got cursed out by Kevin DuBrow - Randy inTacoma
Got cussed out by Chuck Liddell when he was pissed drunk in Waikiki
4 years ago my daughter got caused out by the boondock saints at ECCC.
I got yelled by coach Ditka!

I was 13 yes old at summer jam and had a backstage pass when I saw Busta Rhymes coming up to the stage stairs!! I had already taken pics with several artists and I asked him to take a photo with me..... He didn't say a word-just looked at his body guard and this huge man got in my face pushing me away and cursing at me as if I were some kind of threat!!! I was a little girl that loved Busta!! Hate him since then tho. -Melissa, in west Seattle
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