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STP's BLOG 11/12/13 "What Does An Emu (or Peacock) Say?"

Was it an ostrich, an emu, or a peacock?  Both my wife and Toppy thought it was a Peacock…I thought it was an ostrich (boy was I off), and the majority of the texts and emails said it was an emu.  What am I talking about?  Well, yesterday my wife and I went to the Orting Trail to walk Lulu since it was a nice day…and we came across a slew of animals…horses, goats, llamas, pigs, rabbits, dogs, eagles, and what I thought was an ostrich!  Here is the pic I took:
 photo A58C1671-EE8E-4C54-A911-98C7FA635FA4-35418-00001124AC81BE38_zps3bf716cc.jpg
Toppy was convinced that it was a peacock…but texters and emailers said it was an emu…in fact this is what a listener named Vanessa emailed me, as she knew exactly what we were talking about!

“Orting  trail there Is also a few emu and buffalo and some kind of African cows there I have had to stop my truck to send them back to their field”
I mentioned eagles…we saw two of them…it was pretty sweet to watch them fly over us, I think if they poo’d on me I wouldn’t get too upset…that’s some majestic ESS from a majestic bird after all…it has to be good luck.  You can barely see it, but there is an eagle in this picture.
 photo CE43E3FC-4653-452C-99E1-76CC341BF442-35418-00001125725FF38C_zpsd968bb06.jpg
No if you were wondering what a Peacock sounds like…here is my impression of a peacock or an emu…honesatly does it matter?  Here I am looking dumb making animal sounds!

Earlier this month, a woman in New Haven, Connecticut sold a desk on Craigslist for $200. SOMEHOW…the woman forgot she'd shoved a bag with $98,000 of inheritance money in the desk. Fortunately, she ended up selling the desk to . . . a RABBI. When he and his wife got home with the desk, they had to take it apart to get it through the door.  And as they took it apart, they found the giant bag of cash inside.  Without ANY hesitation, they called the woman and told her what they'd found.  Then they returned the money to her.

Based on this story…what about you?  What did you find, and where did you find it? Here are some of the texts we got:

I found $600 in one of those big zip up calender things at a pawn shop on a shelf

Same situation I found 18 grand behind a dresser helping an old lady clean her house. 

I found $60 in my jacket pocket yesterday that I haven't worn since last winter... Yeah I bought some weed lol

Found an engagement ring when I was bussing tables in high school.

I found a wallet was $700 in its it was the gender for my high school's paycheck.

It was in the school parking lot and I returned all this. He gave me $40 reward.
Found 15 bucks in a 4 dollar pair of jeans from the goodwill!

I found an ounce of rock cocaine in a bathroom and I kept it and used it . the guys who lost it even came looking for it but I just told them I didn't know –nathan

It was a few Christmases ago found $480 in an envelope in a mall. I wanted to keep it the wife took it security.

when my great aunt died my uncle found over $120,000 hidden throughout her house

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11/12/2013 8:42AM
STP's BLOG 11/12/13 "What Does An Emu (or Peacock) Say?"
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