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STP's BLOG 11/13/12 "Getting Dick's with Richard!"

So Richard Sherman was already my favorite Seahawk…I love that guy, but we got this Tweet from Elise which gives me another reason to be a fan of #25!

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2 reasons that is awesome…the fact that he is cool to his fans, and the fact that he eats at DICKS! Give me a Deluxe! BJ then responded to the tweet to invite Richard on the show…and I in turn invited Richard to go to Dicks with me. Hell, I’ll treat!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is out today—and one in four gamers responded to an IGN (Imagine Games Network) poll by saying they would be calling in sick to play it. Based on this…What was one thing or activity was so awesome that it made you call in sick?

My husband and I seriously almost called in sick to play Halo 4.

When quake 2 came out on pc, I got suspended from school on purpose so i could game online on my 33.3 modem for 2 weeks;p ~Kris Cort

I work in retail and plan to call in sick on Black Friday so I can go to Apple Cup.

I called in sick to be a in studio guest on your show when i turned 28. That was a good day! Even tho i woke up at 430 to make 100 lumpia to bring to the show. Thanks guys! Your friendly neighborhood rockaholic, Webhead

Wakein up with a woman in my bed. Chris, Anacortes

KCDennis would & has called in sick to go drink gin or go to a NASCAR race! Go Royals!!!!!!!! 2013 world champs!!!!!!!!

I called in sick to watch the last day of the OJ Simpson trial Jo

Opening day of crabbing season. Love them crabs. Specially when ya get to catch them yourself. Steelers suck!

Parent's had tickets for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. They called my school to tell them I was sick. Was awesome my parent's did that in '05 Brett M.

I am 27 years old and very successful and mature but every year I call in sick for my bday because it falls the day after the twilight movie midnight premiers:)

Called in sick to go to Pain in the Grass 2011 w/ Korn !

I will call in sick for anything seahawks. Also lost a job because I called in sick for the super bowl. From Laura

I wanted to call in sick today to play black ops, but I know u guys would talk about it, and my boss listen s, and he would put 2 and 2 together, thanks guys

We came across a couple of interesting stories about scamming!

Last week, a 74-year-old man from Miami was in Orlando, and tried to scam his way into Epcot for free . . . by flashing a fake badge, and claiming he was undercover and pursuing a suspect inside. When he was approached by a sheriff's deputy . . . the man admitted he wasn't an officer. He got his fake badge for contributing to a nonprofit group called the American Federation of Police. He was arrested for unlawful use of a police badge, falsely impersonating an officer, and petty theft.

And….There is a story on KING 5’s website about scammers that are using soldiers pictures to scam women into sending them money. In one instance, a scammer used Army Major Gordon Hannett's Facebook pictures to create a profile on dating websites and on Facebook seeking, quote, "an honest, trust(ing), caring, nice woman to call my own." They then connect with women and ask for money so that they can visit. Major Hannett said that he has heard from over 300 people on Facebook at this point, and he is hardly alone. Everyday the higher-ups here JBLM hear from more and more soldiers and civilians complaining that they've been scammed.Major Hannett is doing his best to warn these women online and most of them now know of the scam. He's also contacted the FBI only to be told they don't have the resources to track down these scammers, many of them half a world away.

Based on the two stories we came across regarding scamming…when were you the scammer or when were you scammed? Here are the texts we received:

When I was stationed in the gulf, there was a fan website for my ship that civilians could write to a random sailor. I created a few email templates to host them to send me snacks, toiletries, etc. Eventually I would start asking for porn from some, and I actually got a few. Score. -the DV

I met a wowan on She was a scam artist. She was still married. She conned me out of $500,000 after we got married. She filed for divorce out of state. Claiming she lived in that state. Hahaha. Screwed me big time Going to court!

Someone called my gramma telling her I was in jail in cali for a dui. Someone posed as me on the phone telling her to bail me out. They asked for 1200.00 money order, which she sent them. They told her not to ask me about it bc I wouldnt want to talk about it and might even deny it. I had to convince her I hadnt been in jail. I was at home sleeping the whole time. Ryan in union.

I was a seattle night club smoking a cigg out side when a man walked up to me and asked if I needed anything. So I bought a a twenty bag of green. After buying a huge del mar burrito at the hotel room I find that the green was doug fir.. I was pissed...

When she said she didn't want kids now married with 2 ha !!! Scammed

My grandmother almost got scammed. She got a call from australia from a guy claiming to be me (her grand son) and asked for $ because I was in a bad car wreck. Like $2500. My grandma was on the was to the bank and decided to call me on my cell to check. Smart old lady... Glad she called

I bought what I thought was Molly. Turned out to be salt pills.

Today's Video Blog features random pictures that Crazy Sheri sent us!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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11/13/2012 8:45AM
STP's BLOG 11/13/12 "Getting Dick's with Richard!"
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11/13/2012 2:08PM
The Perfect Day
Dear STP, November 1st I was on the mornig show topic..What would be your perfect Day and I said hanging out with guys to watch a live show then after go try out the famous dicks burger. BJ said that you all could make that happen for me? Im off friday the 16th I sent you a message on face book but had no reply? thanx, Robbie J p.s. my # is 253-229-8199
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