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STP's BLOG 11/14/12 "Satan lives"

A lot of people say that TV these days contributes to the “dumbing” down of society…but I question that after seeing this hilarious video. Lets go back to 1984….

C’mon….how hard up for a story were they for a story on that episode? Or…based on Bryant Gumbels reaction…the only reason they had her on was to completely laugh at her…and if that is the reason, I respect that. Satan Lives…haha…priceless!

A new survey has ranked the top 10 things that make people happy at work . . . and getting along with coworkers came in FIRST. It even beat out making a good salary, which came in third. Here's the full top 10 . . .

1. Getting along with coworkers.
2. Feeling valued.
3. Having a good salary.
4. Good hours.
5. Good vacation and benefits.
6. Getting along with management.
7. Low day-to-day stress.
8. A decent commute.
9. A productive work environment.
10. The location.

So this begs the question…what is it about your job that you love? Or…what do you hate about your job? Here are the texts we got:

Love my job. Working with kids is great, but 12 grand a year SUCKS.

I live in Seattle and work in silverdale, so my 2.5 hour bus/ferry/car commute is what I hate the most. Even worse when I have nothing to do at work.

I Valet at a Casino i hate workingin the rain love the tips

Like? Sex with my boss. Dislike? EVERYTHING else.

I love my job because I only have to deal with 2 people. The CEO and VP. Both actually give a S about employees who bust there ass and get things done. Not to mention free coffee!

Im a barista and I love my customers, they ate the only reason I still work there. The owners are total noobs they have no idea how to run a business

I work in retail and I HATE how stupid customers really are. They ask a question then treat you like a complete idiot when you give them an honest answer or they start going off when you try to help them. I do like the people I work with though. They are all great.

I climb and work on cell towers.. and i love the views. Hate climbing them! Haha

Love having hot as hell coworker who wears her heels and short skirts every day

The hottest woman I've ever met works the front desk. It's awesome

I work at the y, so much booty

My job is awesome because I work at IMDb at Amazon. Our CEO takes us all out for movies & dinners the whole week he's in town. I feel so spoiled! Meenah-Redmond

Here is the most random study ever! The University of California, San Francisco for some reason did a big study on the different ways we Americans INJURE OUR GENITALIA. From 2002 to 2010, they found that about 16,000 Americans went to the emergency room for genitalia injuries. 69% were male. And the top seven most common things that caused those injuries were . . .

1. Bicycles.
2. Razors, scissors, and clippers.
3. Zipper injuries.
4. Falling in the bathroom.
5. Playing basketball.
6. Playing baseball or softball.
7. Skiing and snowboarding.

What about you? How did you hurt your genitals? Or…what is the oddest way you have injured yourself on any part of your body? Here are the texts we got:

Two words: his junk, my braces! <3 Sexy Sandy

My dad once got his junk stuck on a frozen pole like that kid who got his tongue stuck in the Christmas Story movie. Tequilla was involved

I spilled a bowl of top ramen on mine Holy shit did i get one big blister

My buddy tried to light a fart in the nude thinking he would get better flame distance when the hair from his "bean bag" were caught in the fire and got 2nd degree burns.

Personally, I had to talk to my gyno about cervical pain. Turns out, my fiance is too big in the pants to be as rough as we are. Whoops! ~Christine~

Todays video blog is an Intern Challenge! This weeks Intern Challenge is in honor of Soundgarden releasing their new CD yesterday, King Animal. Our intern, The Prodigy, has 60 seconds to find someone that can finish averse to the Soundgarden song "Black Hole Sun"...will he do it?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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11/14/2012 9:19AM
STP's BLOG 11/14/12 "Satan lives"
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