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STP's BLOG 11/14/13 "Best Birthday Song!"

How cool is this?  Jimmy Kimmel recently celebrated a birthday, and he got the coolest gift ever…a song written for him by The Killers!  This is a fun watch, check it out:

Thanks to Nic on Facebook for posting this on the STP-CAST Group page…Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day has made a record with Norah Jones & it’s nothing like you would think.  I am sure many will hate it, but I LOVE this song…Billie Joe always delivers, no matter what style of music it is.  

There are lots of bad habits we all WISH we could break.  A recent survey found that smoking is the number one habit people WANT to break, but can't.  Here's the top ten.
1.  Smoking
2.  Swearing  
3.  Picking your nose
4.  Biting your fingernails
5.  Drinking too much coffee
6.  Watching reality TV
7.  Fast food
8.  Alcohol
9.  Going shopping to relieve stress
10.  Racking up debt on your credit cards
What about you?  What is a habit you wish you could end?  Or what’s a habit you wish others would stop doing? Here are some of the texts we got:

I wish I could stop smelling my farts and enjoying them but I can't

When I scratch yet I have to sniff it no matter what it is don't like it but can't help it
Chewing is the hardest I would say even harder than quitting smoking

I can't stop cleaning my ears with q-tips. I know it's terrible for your ears, and I've probably shoved wax all up against my eardrums, but it feels so good

Cracking knuckles

Browsing the net while taking a twosie. Wastes so much time on the John.

I need to break the habit of picking up fat chicks after the bar closes.

I cuss too much, and now my 2 year old is starting to copy me. The problem is that it's extra hard during football season!

I get up in the middle of the night and I eat, I don't know why, but I have a really hard time trying to stop, most of the time, I'm not even hungry.

I have a co worker that chews. The skin on her fingers right below her nails and makes her fingers bleed from chewing..... Wish that'd stop!!!

The wife leaving a damn empty toilet paper roll!!!


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11/14/2013 7:49AM
STP's BLOG 11/14/13 "Best Birthday Song!"
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