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STP's BLOG 11/15/11 "Hole Lotta Nuts!"

This could be the concert of the year. I don’t know what people paid to see Hole perform in Brazil, but it was worth every penny as she freaked out big time during the show. What happened? Besides the usual fact that Courtney is Bat-“ESS” crazy, she freaked out after someone in the crowd held up a picture of Kurt Cobain. Then she stormed off the stage, and eventually returned to the stage after one of the crew members got the crowd to chant, "The Foo Fighters are gay." Here is the video:

What the hell did the picture of Kurt look like>? Did it have a caption on it that said “You Killed Me!”? I guess she also took her shirt off and played topless for a bit…yikes…she is nearly 50!!!!!   Regardless...Best Concert Ever! Turn that show into a concert film…instead of “The Song Remains The Same”, it could be “The Singer Remains Insane.”
According to a new survey by Lonely Planet (which is a website that gives Travel advice, tips and destination information), INDIA is the number one "life-changing" travel destination. It's followed by Cambodia, Australia, and Thailand. New York City came in fifth, and was the only city to make the list. After New York, the rest of the top 10 is France, New Zealand, Nepal, Vietnam, and Peru. The poll was conducted on its Facebook and Twitter pages, and spokesperson Heather Carswell said, quote, “It's not surprising that India took first place, it is a perennial favorite with travelers and one of the most vibrant, challenging and exciting places to visit in the world. The country’s fascinating culture, diversity and great value make it possible to have truly unique experiences.” As for how people were changed, the site states that a common theme was getting infected with the ‘travel bug’ from their first international trip. The diversity of humanity was also mentioned often, and interestingly enough…inhumanity also affected people, such as the Nazi death camps in Auschwitz being named. Based on this…Whether it be a place that you went or something that happened to you…what was a “life changing” moment in your life?
I've been to Auschwitz and its intence. You feel the evil.
The #1 life changeing destination should be Vicki B.s bedroom.
my life changing moments was raising 3200 dollars for the leukemia lymphoma society and a running in the nike women's marathon in san Francisco
Im not a religious person but the churches in rome brought tears to my eyes and made me think about rethinking my religious beliefs
The time i got to meet john paul jones he told me i was an old fart in a kids body
Glacier national park in Montana. Most beautiful place I've ever been. So much so that I proposed to my now fiance there!
my life changing experience was my first trip to Iraq in 2008. Alex from Enumclaw
This is jenn in federal way skydiving changed my life! There is nothing more exciting . . . That i have tried :) love you guys
Visiting the city of troy- as a lifelong history geek, it was amazing
Vacation in Iowa. You'll return from vacation realizing your life doesn't suck & the place you live isn't so bad. Unless you live in Iowa, then your screwed.
Joining the navy. I arrived at boot camp less than a week before 9-11. Scariest day of my life when they told us. -the Drunk Viking
Holocaust museum is WA DC
When my dad passed away 3 yrs ago taught me life is too short to worry a out what people think. Do what u want in life RED THE CHICKEN MAN
Jumping off a cliff in Maui. I had a terrible fear of heights and I realized that if I can overcome that, I can do anything. Sonja


The National Toy Hall of Fame just announced the 2011 class, and the three toys joining the ranks are:

--Hot Wheels cars


--And The Blanket.

The other finalists this year included Dungeons & Dragons, the pogo stick, the Rubik's Cube, Jenga, Simon, "Star Wars" action figures, "Transformers", Twister, the puppet, and Radio Control vehicles. The 2010 inductees were the Game of Life and playing cards.  In 2009, they added Big Wheels, the Nintendo Game Boy, and the ball. The Hall of Fame likes to induct "basic" things like the ball and the blanket.  In 2008, they inducted the stick and in 2005 they inducted the cardboard box. 

The National Toy Hall Of Fame focuses on toys that we played with as a kid…but what about as an adult?  We are not talking about sexual stuff…what is your adult toy?  What is something that you love to play with? Here are some of the texts we got:

my racecar! i spend more time and money on it then i do with my wife. she calls my car "the other women"

My favorite toy I have is a 2004 Mustang Cobra with 650 horsepower

My adult toy is the x box 360 I play modern warfair and the final fantasy 11 its a great toy. Have a bad ass day

My toy is my John deere tractor and my stihl chain saw

Topy will like this im restoring a 55 chevy 2 door i go out 2 My shop every nite after work and play with it for about 4 hrs

My iPhone

John from ft Lewis, I actually have 3 big boy toys that I really enjoy. First is my Jeep, second is my motorcycle, and third would be my AR15 rifle.

Adult toys.... Bushmaster AR 15, Remington 870 Express and my grandpa's Winchester 30-30

My little pony not on list?

Roller skates! Total adult toy of choice. Love roller derby!!!!

My Harley!!

Today's video blog teaches us something about Ryan Castle!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people:

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STP's BLOG 11/15/11 "Hole Lotta Nuts!"
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