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STP's BLOG 11/16/11 "Gene Vs. Axl"

Gene Simmons of KISS thinks Axl Rose has destroyed Guns N’ Roses. Gene tells, "They could've been the biggest band in the world, and the reason they're not is because of Axl Rose. I mean, the drugs, the heroin, the alcohol and all that. But ultimately, it falls on Axl's shoulders." Gene believes one thing that could've saved the band: Axl getting a BEATING. He explains, "A good beating would have helped. I mean, when you misbehaved as a little kid and continued to do it, there was somebody there to give you a what for. Then when you become a grown-up, who's there to set you straight?" So let me get this straight…Gene is giving Axl crap for not keeping G ‘N R together?  Um Gene…you are basically doing what Axl is doing…Axl tours with hired hands & calls it Guns N’ Roses, and you do the same with Kiss. Or are we supposed to believe that Tommy Thayer really is Ace Frehley, and Eric Singer is Peter Criss? The only difference is that Axl doesn’t have his guitarist dress up with a Top Hat and curly hair and pretend to be an original member.
The part that stuck out to BJ was that Gene Simmons said that Axl Rose could’ve used a beating to set him straight…BJ is thinking what he means is that he should have been disciplined better as a kid, AKA “Corporal Punishment”…this led to some texts regarding this:
I was in a choir when I was in elementary school. My choir director forced us to do 20 to 40 pushups when we misbehaved, and it worked like a charm.
I've got a good job at Boeing and doing well for myself and I got spanked when I got out of line. My little brother on the other hand did not get spanked and he's in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse and he's only 19
Got caught stealing when i was little got my ass beat for it sure learned my lesson
don't you think spanking only the boy and not the girl would cause resentment? the boy would grow up either being jealous and mad towards the sister, or mad at you for only targeting him and not his sister. that would mess him up psychologically
Hell yeah i believe in it i got my ass beat constantly when i was growing up straightend my bratty ass up.
I wouldnt mind giving vicky a good spank. From: Aaron the cowboy
Hell yeah BJ! I grew up with 2 younger sisters. When my dad saw me getting rough with them he put the fear of god in me. Im now almost 34 and have never physically aggressed a woman. Im one of few that can honestly say that. Probably helped he was a marine seargent. Jesse in edmonds.
I know tons of guys in jail who were hit by their fathers. If your point was true, you'd find the opposite BJ.
ABSO-F******-LUTELY! I took one beating which served to disuade me from doing anymore stupid things.
According to a recent survey by a British insurance company RAC., 16% of people…or about one in six…say they've INTENTIONALLY driven through a puddle to splash a pedestrian. 55% say they take extra care NOT to splash pedestrians. The other 29% say they've splashed a pedestrian, but it was accidental. 40% of people admit they've laughed at someone who got splashed by a driver.
Based on this…when have you done something that made you look like a jerk? Or…when have you found something funny that you probably shouldn’t have laughed at? Here are some texts we got:
I laughed at a friend for getting hit by a car. That was moving 5 mph Cody bothell
Love to lay on the horn just as a golfer is teeing off. Got the double bird one time when my horn stuck
Slushy day hit a spot along cars in turn lane. One lady had her window down smoking. Slush actually hit her so hard we saw her hair Blow sideways. Moral to story, -- don’t smoke
2 guys ran across the street timed to go just as I passed. I hit the breaks, they ran into my car, we all laughed...
I drive a snow plow in the winter and intentionally hit people with snow every chance i get! Nothing is more fun
Me and friends used to turn our windshield squirters sideways for the benefit of pedestrians
Splashed some clowns by Bellevue square one November. It was awesome!
Im a fed ex driver and i drive thru water and splash people all the time. .
I was at a red light and this guy on bike flipped over his bike like a rag doll.. his wig flew off into traffic i was laughing so hard
The time my son who was 4 was on the hood of my wife's car with a plastic bat and hit her windshield and put a big crack in it. I busted up laughing.
I dropped a dead fish down my bosses hdater vent in his office. HAHAHA. Stunk for weeks.
In bellingham on the guide meridian I doused 6 wanna be thug lookin mofos (on purpose!) And looked like one pulled a gun out! No shots tho, lucky me!
I love to roll coal with my diesel truck. Stomp the pedal when people are on the sidewalk and leave them in a smelly thick black cloud. I get alot of fingers...
I scared the krap out of rock girl christin with my truck horn when she wad at her job

Last Monday, cops were called to a Whataburger fast food place in Porter, Texas after a man passed out there. It turns out he just got painkillers from 44-year-old Tina Marie Arie and her boyfriend, 30-year-old Howard Windham …and they knocked him out (pretty effective pain killer if you ask me waka waka). The cops arrested Tina and Howard for delivery of a controlled substance and possession. As a cop drove them to jail, handcuffed in the backseat of the police car, he realized he couldn't see Tina's head in the rearview mirror anymore, so he ended up pulling over. What did he find out? Yup…you guessed right… somehow, while handcuffed, Tina and Howard had managed to pull Howard's lil’ criminal out of his pants…and Tina having a stern talking to the lil’ criminal. Holy moly!!!! The cops decided not to tack on a misdemeanor public indecency charge. This story left me with many questions…OK, mainly just one…”How did she pull this off without hurting herself?” What am I talking about? Well…if her hands were cuffed behind her back…how did she not impale herself? Still confused by my question…well I demonstrate what I am talking about in today’s video blog…check it out:

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users!

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11/16/2011 8:21AM
STP's BLOG 11/16/11 "Gene Vs. Axl"
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