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STP's BLOG 11/17/11 "There's Websites For That!"

Congrats Seattle, you made national headlines for this picture:


What is this picture? BJ said it looked like something out of a Zombie film…I thought he was going to go down an unspeakable road…to which BJ questioned my sanity, but hey…there are websites for that! Ok, sorry for that visual.
This woman is a 84 year old activist, and she got caught up in the mix at Tuesday’s rally forn Occupy Seattle, when they marched to Westlake…wouldn’t get off the streets…and subsequently got pepper sprayed by the police. The old lady was making headlines because she was pepper sprayed, but so was a 19 year old pregnant woman as well. OK…call me a jerk, but pregnant lady…I have a question for you: Is it really a wise move to be a part of a protest and a rally when you have a bun in the oven? I can hear the other side now…”She has a right to be a part of a peaceful protest”. Yes, she does, but many of the protestors we refusing to listen to the cops, and there were few that were being antagonistic towards the police…at that point, would you think it’s time to high tail out of there? Pregnant lady…how about Occupying a kitchen, with no shoes on! I’m kidding! I don’t know how good of a cook she is afterall.
OK…back to why we made national news for this picture. It spread virally all over the country, and it even came up during The Colbert Report on Comedy Central…Here is Stephen Colbert:

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Elderly Occupier Pepper Sprayed
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Huge thanks to John Cena for joining us this morning. John was on to talk about how he & The Rock are teaming up at Survivor Series this Sunday on Pay per View…he will eventually take The Rock on at Wrestlemania, which will be awesome! This Sunday will be the first time The Rock will actually wrestle in 7 years!!!! Should be awesome. Speaking of awesome…I love this exchange between the Rock & Cena on the last Monday Night Raw!

“Cena’s Lady parts” Hahaha!!!!!!

After dinner Saturday night with the entire family in Hollywood, the SUV was waiting outside with a big, red bow around it. Kendall is the daughter of Bruce and KrisJenner and is the half sister to the Kardashians… that is quite the first car… When we talked to John Cena, he said his first car was a 84 Cadillac Coupe Deville! So what about you…what was your first car? What is your dream car? Here are the texts:
Sixty seven pintoe
My dream car would have to be a BMW M6...hands down the best built car for the money- Alex from Bothell
My dad bought me a lawn mower to make money so I could buy my own car
A hyundai excel hatchback that I bought neighborhood pot dealer. The floorboard was busted open so you could see the road as you drive. I called my flintstone car.
1965 purple matalic GTO.I still have it.Im 40 fully restored
First: '73 Vega Dream: '67 Mustang or Camaro
My first car was a car my dad and I restored. A 57 oval window ragg top VW Bug!
Old as hell dotson b 2 10, it could not even peel out in gravel.
My first car was a 67 Dodge Coronet 440 and yes I even used this car to take my drivers test! I am 30 now and still have it, re building it too be my dream car!
My first car was a 1982 Cadillac that the previous owner got shot in the face in and the car had two bullet holes in it...awesome
Today video blog features Crazy Sheri...a pony...and candy...not in that order! Oh, Vicky B. does something with her tongue too!

Here is the same VLOG for iPHONE people:


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11/17/2011 9:03AM
STP's BLOG 11/17/11 "There's Websites For That!"
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