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STP's BLOG 11/19/12 "New Orleans"

 We are back from New Orleans… wow, I have to say that besides Hawaii…New Orleans is the coolest place I have ever visited. It’s like Vegas, only more fun…less club going douche-baggery …and more culture. The Area around Bourbon Street just feels historic while walking around…plus it has the greatest name for what I imagine is a legit massage place:

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Not only is the night life one of a kind, but I was in heaven with all the food we had… especially the Po’Boy. I had a shrimp Po’Boy, an Oyster Po’Boy, and Roast beef Po’Boy…I was all about the Po’Boys! Plus I tried something I would never have guessed I would try…Alligator meat! We went to a place called SoBou that had Alligator meat sausages…

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For those wondering. Alligator meat sausages taste like sausages. Crazy, I know!

The true highlight was Bourbon Street…talk about a great time… First off…I swear Strip Clubs are like Starbucks over there…wherever you look there was a strip club…it was hilarious…plus strippers are just hanging outside trying to get people to swing in…

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Of course we had to get a Hurricane drink…and where better to get it than Pat O’Briens….which quickly became my favorite bar in New Orleans!

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I posted this picture on Facebook, and how awesome is this…the manager at Pat O’Briens saw the tweet (I didn’t tag them, he did a search for “Bourbon Street” and saw the picture), he tweeted us to say hi if we came back, and we did. Next thing you know, Scott is hanging with us, treating us to drinks, and sharing some great stories. Many businesses can learn from what Scott did…the guy is a great dude, and if you ever go to New Orleans…you HAVE to hang out at Pat O’Briens…we had a blast there!

These next set of pictures pretty much sums up the rest of our time there…

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I do want to give a shout out to our “posse”—while at the Talk Radio convention, we spent a lot of time with these guys…and when we weren’t boozed up…it was awesome to pick their minds. Graham from the BBC, Rick from Radio Australia, and Perry who writes for a great Radio trade magazine, and he also works with The Nerdist, Chris Hardwick, on many of his products.

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Props to our Kiwi buddy Rick for taking us to Fritzels…which was an awesome jazz bar…some awesome Nawlins Jazz going down there!

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The trip home was brutal…I summed it up best in this Tweet, as I dealt with a crying kid behind me on the plane to LA…and the kid wasn’t the actual frustrating person in the row behind me.

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We saw this a few times, where parents were losing their minds over their young child’s antics on a plane. Here is a news flash for those parents – Your child or baby does not like to fly! What kid wants to be bound in a chair for hours…what kid likes all that air pressure on their ears. Hell, I’m an adult (at least in age) and I hate that part of flying.

We made it home yesterday, and even though I loved the trip…great food, great company, great lessons learned, great drinks, really great drinks, and a set of beads to the head…I sure was happy to see this as we flew in…

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Yesterday I get this text from's a video. I alwways have to think twice before watching a video that Topshelf sends me...who knows if it was actually meant for his wife, and he's doing a Brett Favre impression. This was safe for my eyes's about Brad Keselowski winning the NASCAR Sprint Cup title....

There is a great comment on You Tube from ShooboxxTV that simply says:

Wow toppy. Just wow

I agree 100%!

On Friday, Hostess announced they were officially shutting down, and they immediately stopped producing Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Ho Ho…which sparked a nationwide panic. Apparently some people started flocking to grocery stores to buy Twinkies . . . to HOARD them or sell them on eBay at ridiculously inflated prices. We heard reports that boxes of Twinkies were selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay, but here is the dumb part of that…The Hostess brands are going to be auctioned off and someone is going to buy Twinkies. The majority of people are speculating that they will be back at some point.

We need to bid on this auction! I could see the change in name’s now…

--BJ’s Twinkies
--Vickie’s Ho Ho’s
--And Steve’s Ding Dongs. Eventually I will phase out the word Ding, and it will be Styeve’s Chocolate Dongs. Waka Waka!

Based on the fact that People are hoarding Twinkies now that Hostess is shutting down…what about you…whether it be food or anything else, what is that ONE thing that you can’t live without? Here are the texts we got:

Condoms. 36 years old, and no kids. Thank you Tom Leykis.

Bimbo makes comparable snack cakes.. a little different... usually better.

My direct Tv NFL. Package. Sly

Bacon! -Kiana

Apollos pizza in Olympia!

Reese's BIG cups the 2pack.. Guilty pleasure RED

I would be very upset if dr pepper stopped producing its product. Cajun

Who is. Gonna put their name on the ho ho's? (I vote Vicky –stp)

Toppys sno-ball gags

If coffee in general was going out of production, I would hoard the hell out of it!!

Buffalo chicken wings!!

I couldn't live without your show!! It's actually helping me acclimitize moving Philly from Olympia. Loveyou guys. ~Christine~

I would freak out if they quit making peanut butter - Lu Lu

The Website put together a list of 10 Chick Flicks that guys LOVE, but refuse to admit watching… Ego-Tastic says, “Every guy has a chick flick he'll ADMIT to watching.  Usually, it's "Jerry Maguire" or "The Princess Bride"…But what about chick flicks guys love but WON'T admit they watch?”  

Here they are in no particular order:

--"Mean Girls",  2004
--"The Proposal",  2009
--"The Notebook",  2004
--"Bridget Jones' Diary",  2001
--"Titanic",  1997
--"Sweet Home Alabama",  2002
--"Never Been Kissed",  1999
--"Legally Blonde",  2001
--"Love, Actually",  2003
--"13 Going on 30",  2004

Based on this list of 10 Chick Flicks that guys LOVE, but refuse to admit watching… It doesn't have to be a chick flick but finish this sentence... "I refuse to admit it but I loved _____". Here are the texts we received:

While trying to stay up to sneak over to my girlfriends i watched all of 27 dresses:// from Jordan
Buffy the vampire slayer. So cheesy but I love Joss Whedon! ~Christine~

I will never admit it but P.S. I Love You was a great movie

Why not.... Man I really love the movie, Legally Blond. I know too many lines from that movie. And Stiflers Mom is in it!

I hate to admit I love Bon Jovi's hits. I don't own any albums though. This comming from a guy who primarily listens to hard rock & metal -Marlow in Tacompton-

Im a guy and i love Legally Blonde. That movie is hilarious!

Sweet home alabama... Watch it all the time... I am a 41 yearold guy...

I hate to admit it but I like to watch lifetime movies.

I am a straight male and like watching glee

Taylor I wanna do her


Today's Video Blog features some of the fun BJ and I had in New Orleans. This is part one...part two will be up tomorrow!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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11/19/2012 6:03AM
STP's BLOG 11/19/12 "New Orleans"
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