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STP's BLOG 11/19/13 "Pearl Jam vs. OKC"

Huge Huge Huge props to Pearl Jam.  Not only did they recently release a CD, Lightning Bolt, that I just cant stop listening too (it’s so dang good), but they recently played in Oklahoma City, and I love how they displayed their Sonic’s love while there…check out Jeff Ament sporting a Kevin Durant jersey…props to @ChrisBuchinger for the picture:
 photo 5F7B8D6C-74D9-41D7-8F92-E866BA7BE70F-70605-000018C031B4D99B_zpsbae570c2.jpg
Check out PJ’s setlist that night…props to @pearljam for this pic…
 photo 5595B0F9-C08E-4155-A6B6-765B47B2008B-70605-000018C02BCADDBA_zps95817f3b.jpg
According to a new study, people immediately get dumber when they fall in love.  Researchers found that people who were falling in passionate love did worse on tests than people who were just dating casually.  They say it's because your brain has a limited amount of resources, so when love is dominating your thoughts you don't have enough brainpower for everything else.
What is the dumbest thing you have done, all because you were in love? Here are some of the texts we got:
I packed up everything I own, sold my car quit my job and drove almost 4000 miles to Florida to live with my ex. I stayed 3 weeks before I realized I couldn't stand him anymore, which kind of pisses me off since he ended up cheating on me all because I thought I loved him

Spent over $1000 on front row kid rock tickets & the boy didn't even spend the night after!

I turned down a full ride scholarship to Rochester Institute of Technology
I went to ballet. Never again

Robbed my ex with my new girlfriend for some pot an cash went horribly wrong got into a car wreck then the bashed all the windows with shovels

I took a girl to the metropolitan grill for our first date. It got me laid but I set the date quality way too high so she ditched me after the 3rd date

I got a tattoo of my ex girlfriend's dog's name on my forearm now because she loved him so much I wanted to prove that I loved him too. I'm a moron.

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11/19/2013 8:11AM
STP's BLOG 11/19/13 "Pearl Jam vs. OKC"
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