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STP's BLOG 11/22/11 "Melrose Rules!"

Lesson learned…when talking about the Cockfighting Ring that led to 17 people in Gold Bar to be arrested, and 59 roosters euthanized…do not deliver that story in a fast pace…if you do, you might forget the word “fighting” while saying Cockfighting Ring and have to be dumped by Toppy.

Hey if you have a second, help out a fellow Rock-A-Holic…we got a text from Kristine asking if we could show some support to her daughter Jaya, who is going to Japan & blogging about it on a website. You could follow her travels at I have to say that is impressive…14, travelling to Japan, creating a website about it…dang! At 14 I was still obsessed with trying to figure out how to unscramble certain cable channels unsuccessfully in my bedroom TV.

This morning we were chatting about hockey analyst Barry Melrose, and how bad ass he is…which led to an email from a listener named Ginny, who happens to be the mom of a Tacoma Donkey (my hockey team):

Just a little additional Melrose for you today.......Barry was our guest at one of Johnny's youth hockey fundraising auctions. He got up and told some hockey stories. It was awesome because he was telling things that were completely inappropriate for young kids, but awesomely funny for us adults. He was talking about how after he'd play a game, the guys would all be sitting around having bottles of beer. Him and another guy used to always do this stupid thing where they would all of a sudden ask everyone "Where's my beer?" while having it tucked into their naked butt crack. It was so funny to see how appalled most of the parents were. Of course my table of obnoxious hockey moms were laughing our ass off.

Melrose is the man! I would love to just hang with him and Don Cherry in a bar and hear all of their stories…hell, toss the Hanson Brothers in the mix too!


Harris Interactive just did a, quote, "what are you thankful for" Thanksgiving survey, and here are the top things Americans are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

1. The health of their family, 85%

2. Family relationships, 85%

3. Technology that helps us keep in touch, 74%

4. All the technology that's out there, 66%

5. Their personal economic situation, 63%

6. Their work situation, 61%

7. Their personal safety, 56%

8. The way people treat each other, 36%

9. The economic situation in the U.S., 14%

The survey also found that 45% say they have about as much to be thankful for this year as they did a few years ago. 32% have more to be thankful about, 18% have less, and 5% aren't sure.

Most of the things listed are pretty serious…so…what about the dumb things that we are thankful for? What stupid things are you thankful for? Here are the texts:

Thongs and yoga pants. Nothing compliments a sweet dumper better!!

Thankfull ive never seen entourage or those really gay twilight movies,happy holidays steelers suck

I'm thankful for my marriage I have a wife and she and I have another woman that lives with us in the capacity of a second wife.

I'm thankful for the NBA lockout, cuz there's more FOOTBALL!!!

Im thankful My girl of 9 years hasent kicked My stoner ass 2 the curb. Mono nick

My dog. She's dumber than a pile of rocks, but she's sweet, and I love her.

Contraceptives........and abortion

My wife's 32DD's.

I'm thankful for my trans am, cause all I need is a mustache, some coors and a cowboy hat and my Halloween costume is complete haha. Bandits back bitche

So thankful i quit warcraft last year and havent gone back. Stupid addictive grindathon that consumes lives and devours soul

I'm thankful for your show, the men's room, my Xbox 360 and diet dr pepper, gets me through the day.

Im thankful obamas term is almost up and thankful for reeses peanut butter cups.

I am thankful that my son is part of the donkey nation so i have an excuse to watch stp play hockey and i can drink beer. :) Ginny

I'm thankful my daughter is not as funny looking as my sisters kids. Ron in Poulsbo

I'm really happy for peanut butter love lucy

No new Video Blog today, I figured lets go with a classic...a re-run of sorts, as we learn how to cook a Turkey!!!  Happy Thanksgiving...we'll see ya next week!

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11/22/2011 6:53AM
STP's BLOG 11/22/11 "Melrose Rules!"
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