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STP's BLOG 11/28/12 "Go T-Birds!"

Last night a few of us from my Beer League Hockey team – The Tacoma Donkeys ( went to the Showare Center to watch the T-Birds take on the Everett Silvertips. What a great game…The T-Birds were up 3-0 quick…and then Everett came back, only for the T-Birds to score a couple more and win the game 5-3!

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The best part of the game…it was “2 For Tuesday” – 2 tix for the price of one, 2 dollar beers, 2 dollar hot dogs. I say yes to all of the above! Plus there was a fight during the game…I have a new favorite T-Bird, Mitch Elliot….

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In a new survey, 96% of people say they've gone into work hungover the day after the company Christmas party, or know a coworker who has. That means only 4% HAVEN'T seen a post-Christmas party hangover. The survey also found 59% of people have seen a coworker get drunk and aggressive at the Christmas party . . . 51% have seen a coworker unnecessarily cursing at the party . . . and 45% have seen someone do something else INAPPROPRIATE. The survey didn't ask how many people had been fired or seen someone fired over what they did at the party . . . but we're guessing it's not zero.
So this survey says that 45% of us have seen a co-worker do something inappropriate at the office Christmas party…what about you? What did you see…OR…what did you do at the Office Christmas party? Here are the texts we received:

I once took a shot of tequila with a girls glass eye in it at a company Xmas party

The company I work for cant have Christmas parties anymore because they turn into wife swapping parties

We had a dance floor and one of the customer service girls was trashed and didnt realize that her boobs kept falling out of her dress while dancing.....

I was working at a phone company got bombed ended up sleeping with my supervisor......ended up with crabs...good times.

Saw my best friend snort cocaine off the owners daughters backside

I went to the party with my boyfriend at the time, we got into a fight, he left, i went home with my manager ...

At my xmas party, I had a few drinks and almost stabbed my boss in the hand with my steak knife because he got too close to my food. Amber in Shelton

A coworker called my boss a cheap bastard and even tried to take a swing at him. He was then put in a headlock and thrown out. He got to keep his job.

We found the intern doing his handy business in the bosses office when he was drunk.

At a company party my boss peed herself. We had a bunch of drinks and she started dancing around and eventually. She says there for few minutes and then said "I peed" boy did she.

No joke slept with my boss' daughter on her desk in the managers office

A coworker who is actually pretty hot felt the need to show everyone her new va- JJ piercing

I snuck in a half gallon of captain Morgan's and did the dirty with the office hottie on the copy machine.

Tonight is the record $500 MILLION Powerball drawing. We all got tickets…and I have 10 chances at winning 500 Million Bucks! Sadly, our odds of winning are one in 175 million. Those aren't very good, so here are five expert tips for winning tonight's Powerball.

1. Don't bother letting the machine pick random numbers. Customized numbers have the same chance of winning.

2. But don't pick popular lucky numbers like seven or numbers under 31, because those could be birthdays. More people will have those numbers and could end up splitting the jackpot with you. You're hoping you have obscure numbers, and they hit.

3. The only way to increase your real odds? Buying more tickets.

4. Don't pick the same number for the Powerball every time.

5. And finally, make sure if you're in a lottery pool, you send photo proof of the tickets you bought for the group and ones you bought for yourself. You don't need the inevitable lawsuit if that line is blurred.

Tonight is the record $500 MILLION Powerball drawing…did you buy a ticket? What would you do if you won? Would you quit your job? Here are the texts we got:

If I were to win the big jackpot, I would buy a racing car and try to go pro.

Would give 1 Mill each to 10 of my closest relatives. Pay for college for each of my siblings, their kids and my kids. Then it is retirement for me ~biscuit

My master is a titanic douche and won't share his winnings with me, so I'm going to use the money to find a master who won't violate me any more. –Lulu

If i won ..i would walk up and punch my boss in the face.. I have to deal with his crap daily& he is truely an idiot but i don t tell him..

We bought as a group from the office. I'd pay off all my debt and my moms then pay off my aunt and uncles homes. Donate 25% to charity and throw a HUGE party

I'd buy a ton of land. Make it a reserve, rescue animals, give the parents their retirement, travel, pay for me niece and nephews to go to college, invest some save a bunch. Buy everyone I know some stuff maybe cars with a couple grand. And pay off the Jimi Hendrix park! Jesse in Puyallup

If i won the 500 mil (250) i would buy hidden home and grow weed and import hot bitches daily maybe bring bj and crew to my place for live show and BEER!!!

I would buy out BJ's neighbors just so I could annoy him everyday

I would definitely keep working but I would choose a job that I loved and was passionate about instead of just 1 to pay the bill

Today's video blog is an Intern Challenge...Our intern, The Prodigy, has 60 seconds to find someone to do a Turkey impression for him...will he do it?

Here is the same Vlog for you iPHONE users:

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11/28/2012 8:54AM
STP's BLOG 11/28/12 "Go T-Birds!"
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