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STP's BLOG 11/29/11 "In Memory Of The Lakewood Four"

Today sadly marks 2 years since the horrible Lakewood Four tragedy, where Sgt. Mark Renninger, and officers Greg Richards, Tina Griswold, and Ronald Owens were gunned down by Maurice Clemmons (who was gunned down a couple days later by a Seattle Police Officer Ben Kelly). Starting today, the families & fellow officers are having their second annual Fallen Officers Food Drive. It’s their way to pay tribute to the officers, and honor their dedication to the community. What a great thing that they do, and if you want to donate food…it starts tomorrow and runs until next Monday. Here are the details:

Fallen Officers Food Drive -- Today Through Monday

Donations will be accepted Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Lakewood Police Department, 9401 Lakewood Drive S.W. Donations will be accepted through Monday at all Pierce County Forza locations; all Pierce County Library branches; Lakewood Ace Hardware, 8123 Steilacoom Blvd. S.W.; and Rusty’s Auto and Truck Repair, 19912 Meridian Ave. E., in Graham.

Food Drive T-shirts will be sold at the Lakewood Police Department on Tuesday. Each shirt costs $15. The proceeds will go to the Emergency Food Network

When I think of the Lakewood Four, I think of the night we had a benefit show for the families at Snoqualmie Casino with Loaded & Queensryche…still to this day, that is one of the most powerful nights I have been a part of. The vibe and love in the air that night cannot be put in words, as many of the officers from Lakewood (as well as other departments) were at the show & I was lucky to spend quality time with some of them. Thanks to that night I wound up creating an incredible friendship with one of the guys, he is now one of my best friends, was a groomsmen at my wedding last year, and a neighbor as well….a true homie! This picture was taken when we brought all of them up on stage that night…


This photo of when the Lakewood Officers embrace still gives me goosebumps:


Yesterday we talked about a new study out of Spain found that managers who don't golf make 17% less money than ones who do. The reason is pretty clear. When you're out golfing for three or four hours with your boss, you're building a great bond…and that factors in, whether subconsciously or not, when it's time for promotions and raises. People who golf with clients also build more loyalty, which helps their career in the long run.

This led to us getting this text:
I knew one guy at work who got in with the boss really good because he went turkey hunting with him.
So based on this…how did you get in good with the boss? Here are the texts we received:
I had sex with my boss which helped me get a raise if you catch my drift, but did absolutely nothing for my career
I once rented a room from my boss at an AM-PM. I cleaned her house.watched her kids. Competed in the safety games. And won the regional title for Arco.
I got a raise for bringing and making a Patron margarita. The best our vp ever had. Corporate life is great!
I took my boss flying in a cessna. just so happens we did a low pass over a nudist resort, cha ching big raise. big j
I went dirt bike riding with the owner of my work. And rode motocross with his son.
my boss joined our company softball team and I got promoted the next season.
I used to bond with my former boss by smoking weed with him at work!
I got in good with my boss by being his wing man at the bar.
Had a threesome with my boss and my husband while her husband watched.
My boss was a lezbian and wanted a sperm donor the fun way and I,got a permotion and a hefty pay increase for my efforts and now we have a threesome with her and her lady

"Rolling Stone" has put out a list of The 100 Greatest Guitarists, which was compiled with input from, quote, "a panel of top guitarists and other experts." Some of the voters included: Billy Corgan, Melissa Etheridge, Tom Morello, Santana, Metallica's Kirk Hammett, Motley Crue's Mick Mars, Queen's Brian May, Aerosmith's Joe Perry, Eddie Van Halen and Joe Walsh. In the end, Jimi Hendrix was named THE greatest guitarist. Here's the Top 10:
1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Eric Clapton
3. Jimmy Page
4. Keith Richards
5. Jeff Beck
6. B.B. King
7. Chuck Berry
8. Eddie Van Halen
9. Duane Allman
10. Pete Townshend
Rolling Stone listed the top 100 Guitarists of all time… Who would you put at the top of the Greatest Guitarists list? Here are some of the texts we got:
Jimi Hendrix was nothing but a stoner compared to Yngwei Malmsteem, Jeff Loomis, and Herman Li. The Rolling Stone is dead wrong. –Ben
Strongly disagree with jimi Hendrix being #1. He should be @ #99 or 100. Stevie ray Vaughn, Santana, or Terry Katz should rank top 3.
Well I think it's interesting that James Hatfield made the list, but Kirk Hammet did not. And Dimebag should be way higher on the list.
your mom steve
Slash he saved hard rock
Angus young hands down
1. Dime bag 2. Kurt cobane 3 jImI hendrIx
Sin gates Would be at the top of my list
Jimi is greatest, but jeff beck is best
I would put Buckethead at least in the top five, from Layton in Kent.
Matt Bellamy of Muse. He has some insane guitars and guitar skills. –Rex
Jerry Fulton Cantrell!
Tom morello

Instead of a new
Video Blog, since I mentioned that benefit show we had for the Lakewood Officers a couple of years ago, I wanted to share the video blog from that night….

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11/29/2011 7:20AM
STP's BLOG 11/29/11 "In Memory Of The Lakewood Four"
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