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STP's BLOG 11/30/11 "RIP Patrice O'Neal"

Yesterday was a bummer day, as we learned that comedian Patrice O’Neal passed away at the age of 41. He recently had a stroke & has been battling diabetes….ugh, another great comic passing away at way too young of an age! Wew all got to have Patrice in studio a few years back, and although it started off with him & I arguing on and off air…after all was said and done we got along great (the fight was about him not wanting to make a list of talking topics, and I was trying to get him to as that was protocol for whenever we would have a comic on that we have never met). During the interview he asked to hug it out, I gave him a quick hug & he goofed on me some more for giving a weak hug & demanded I give him a better hug…Here is a great screen shot from that moment:


I will always remember the time that soon after that interview we were in Miami for a radio convention, and we were going to visit a friends morning show, and that morning they had Patrice in studio. We passed each other in the hall, and I didn’t want to bug him as I didn’t think he wopuld remember me…but 5 minutes later he showed back up to the studio, looked at me, and said: “Hey…aren’t you that crazy white guy that argued with me in Seattle?” He then started laying into me for not saying hi…the funny part is that no matter what he was saying, it was funny, he was just a natural funny guy. He then invited me and the guys to his comedy show at the Hard Rock in Florida…so we went there, and not only did he get us tix, but put us in the best seats in the house, and treated us like gold the entire night, not to mention…his comedy that night was incredible…my face hurt from laughing so much!!!!. I have the utmost respect for Patrice, may he rest in peace! Here is a clip of the "Battle" between Patrice & I back in 2008:

"Consumer Reports" surveyed more than 1,000 Americans and asked them what they're dreading about the holiday season. Here's the full top 11:
1. Crowds and long lines, 68%
2. Gaining weight, 37%
3. Getting into debt, 37%
4. Gift shopping, 28%
5. Traveling, 25%
7. Nonstop seasonal music, 23%
8. Disappointing gifts, 19%
9. Having to attend holiday parties and events, 16%
11. Holiday tipping, 12%
Based on this…what about you? What are you dreading, and what are you looking forward to? Here are some of the texts:
I hate the people who take the holiday way too seriously and deck themselves out. They'll be all, "Hey man, where's your holiday spirit? Tis the season!" I'll flip them off and say, "Here's my holiday spirit, you jackass." However, I do look forward to seeing some of the people in my family for a few days, as well as overrating like I normally do.
These holidays I'm not looking forward to hanging out with my family in OR. But in OR Im looking forward to going to hit up the strip clubs, cuz of man are they good!! Especially during the holidays. ~Darrell.
I am not looking forward to getting my dressy clothes out and realizing they don't fit anymore. Very depressing.
I hate having to do the fake smile and thanks for the gifts I'll never use. Specially all the nice sweaters from grandma. Steve from oly.
I'm dreading today til xmas eve. Being a ups driver its draining this time of year. Ill be thankful for xmas
I dread my $25 christmas bous and look foward to no inlaws this year
every year i dread the holiday music... there's only so many times i can hear "here comes santa claus" before ilose my mind!

The National Association of Shoplifting Prevention just released some new statistics…and it turns out shoplifting is WAY bigger than you ever realized. Here are some of the results:
Statistically, 1 out of every 11 people who walks into a store shoplifts something. Retailers are set to lose $119 BILLION this year to shoplifting. That's 1.45% of total sales.
--Only 3% of shoplifters are pros.
--70% of shoplifters didn't go to the store planning to steal … but saw an opportunity and took it.
--75% of shoplifters are adults, most of whom have jobs. And 35% have help from a corrupt employee.
--Shoplifting is up 6% compared to last year.
"Adweek" magazine surveyed store security pros from around the country and asked them what items are shoplifted the most from their stores. Here's the top ten:
1. Filet mignon. "Luxury meat" thefts are up 21% since 2009 and are the most commonly stolen items from grocery stores.
2. Expensive liquors. Stolen more by alcoholics than underage kids.
3. Small electric tools. This covers everything from power drills to electric toothbrushes.
4. iPhones. iPhones, plus other small electronics, get stolen all the time. Approximately 100,000 laptops are stolen from stores every year.
5. Gillette Mach 4 razor blades. Razor blade thefts account for 2.7% of all store losses.
6. AXE body spray. AXE is the most stolen brand of deodorant, body wash, and body spray.
7. Polo. Polo is the most stolen designer brand, and Tommy Hilfiger is second. Clothing theft is up 31% since 2009.
8. Let's Rock Elmo. This Elmo toy, along with all the other hot toys for this Christmas season, are major targets.
9. Chanel No. 5. Designer fragrances account for 4% of losses in stores where they're sold.
10. Nikes.
So 1 out of 11 people in a store shoplift. Have you ever shoplifted something? If so, what was it? Here are some of the texts we got:
I used to steal GI Joes when I was a kid. Got caught at a Target but was let go. Later that night I was caught AGAIN by my uncle.
Pinched some sweet lingerie from VS. Gave it to hot ex. Great sex when she found out it was hot.
I stole a tiny rubics cube back in 82' cost 12 bucks.Today a giant cube only cost 1 buck at dollar tree.I got my ass whipped because I couldn't wait 30 years
When i was 6 i shoplifted 2 candy called the cops, had me cuffed and took to jail for an hour or so to teach a lesson. To this day i have panic attacks
I worked at a major retailer for a number of years, and would for a while, take cd's. Good times. – banky
I used to work retail. I would catch shop lifters daily but the managers wouldn't report them because they were worried about customer service.
When I was in college back in the early 90s I worked at Fred Meyers. I would throw cases of beer between the gap next to the trash compactor. The beer would fall into shrubs behind the store. I would then pick up my free beer after work. Sometimes they would burst from the fall but it was a small price to pay.
I was homeless earlier this year and tried to steal some Chinese food from the Safeway deli. Security caught me and I now owe $850 to the court for a $8 item that I didn't even get to eat!
My high school band was called 'shoplifter'! I grabbed a ton of music gear from musicians friend in tukwila before it was guitar center. Cymbals, guitar

Today's Video Blog is an Intern Challenge...Our intern Hot Kyle has 60 seconds to find a complete stranger at the Occupy Seattle camp to "Pepper Spray" him...will he do it?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:


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11/30/2011 7:51AM
STP's BLOG 11/30/11 "RIP Patrice O'Neal"
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