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STP's BLOG 11/30/12 "Y2J ROKU"

Yesterday I watched an awesome documentary on Chris Jericho on Netflix…I know I have said this a bunch, but I mean it…I seriously love having a ROKU player hooked up to my TV so that I can watch Netflix on my TV. It’s called Breaking The Code, and it’s a great watch…as you get to see some awesome early footage of Y2J! If you want info on ROKU…go to I am such a big fan of ROKU!

I also watched that documentary of Kevin Clash called Being Elmo. It’s sad to hear the news about him…and this documentary was made in 2011…way before any of those allegations came out. It’s really an interesting film…I didn’t realize how he was an up and coming puppeteer, and Jim Henson gave him the Elmo puppet and basically said “do what you wish” with the character of Elmo as the character was going nowhere. Kevin created the way we know Elmo now…voice and characteristics.

Tough loss last night for the Donkeys, my beer league hockey team. Your Tacoma Donkeys lost a tough one to the Beavers. Yes our league, the Rainier Hockey league, has a team named the Donkeys, and another team named the Beavers. Do us a favor and “like’ our Facebook page: Also, if you are interested in watching us play…we are having our second annual “Donkey Show” at the Showare Center. Last year was a great time and a great party afterwards. Plus if you buy tix through us, you will save a couple dollars on the T-Birds game later that night. Here is the “official” flyer with the details.

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If interested, Contact Ross from the T-Birds to get tix. 253-856-6837 or

Mercer Island police officer accidentally shot himself in the backside while on duty yesterday. They were taking a man into custody and he accidentilly discharged his weapon, striking himself. Man that has to suck! Thankfully he will be OK…but I am sure his officer buds will be giving him a hard time. Based on this story …finish this sentence: “I really wish no one saw me do _____”. Here are the texts we received:

I wish no one saw me scratching my butt with a carrot in the supermarket

In 3rd grade I took "the gamble" and lost. Only problem was that I was in the middle of the school cafeteria. It was a long walk of shame.

Meeting up with a girl you wouldn't be caught dead with during the day. Steve-U.S. Virgin Islands

I wish no one had to watch me break my tailbone on the balance beam in Gymnastics class :'( That was in 1989... & it still hurts! Damnit.

I once went for a blood draw told the girl I wasn't feeling well passed out peed my pants and had to walk through the waiting room with pee pants Lori the flagger girl from Bremerton

I really wish my mom didn't catch me do a line of cocaine off the spoiler of her car. - the mountain man

Walk into the glass wall at blockbuster which resulted in a broken nose!

I was hanging Christmas lights and pulled a Clark Griswold, ladder collapsed! I landed on my feet, looked around and saw my neighbor standing in his driv eway. He thought it was hilarious!!!

I worked at chuck e cheese, and right as I was running out to meet the birthday party a kid tripped me. I fell to the ground and the chuck e head rolled away!!

Screaming and crying followed. I was frozen in the spot!! I ruined that 4 year olds birthday party.

Wish nobody saw me using my daughters "workout" pole bj

I had a boner in my 3rd grade class picture. It's been immortalized.

This morning our Loud & Local Band Of The Week is The Jilly Rizzo…my buddy Dick Rossetti’s band. They are at the Tractor Tavern tonight with the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies…here is a video I posted earlier this week, but it’s so good I wanted to post it again!

Here is the same Video Blog for the iPHONE users:

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11/30/2012 9:48AM
STP's BLOG 11/30/12 "Y2J ROKU"
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11/30/2012 12:06PM
your smokin hott!!!!!!
hi steve its julie you know the girl who thinks your smokin fuckin hott. happy holidays to you and i love listening to you guys every morning i'm a loyal listener. i would like to actually meet you some day. i'm sur e you got all kindsof woman telling you your hot and wanna meet you. anyways stay sweet and take care.
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